We purchased a camera at Target in April 2012. We lost the receipt.

The camera stopped working. I was told by the manufacturer that I needed a copy of the receipt in order to get a new camera. I called Target and talked to a person in the customer service department. I was told that since it was over 90 days I needed to call Guest Relations.

I called Guest Relations and a man asked me for the type of camera (did not ask my name, the date purchased, etc.). He put me on hold for 1/2 hour. I called the store in Edina back. A person in customer service transferred me to someone--he hung up on me.

I called back and was told to call Guest Relations again. The person in customer service at the Edina Target said that "it is too bad that Target is outsourcing the guest relations department." I called the 1800 # again and the woman I spoke to said that guest relations cannot get receipts for customers if the purchase is over 90 days. I called the store back and asked for the store manager. The store manager in Edina asked me for the date of purchase and total purchase amount.

I gave him the information. He told me he could not get the information and suggested that I take the camera to be repaired at my expense at National Camera. I told him that Guest Relations will not give copies of receipts if it is over 90 days and he said that he did not know that. I asked if I could speak to a manager at the corporate office and he refused to give me a name.

I called the corporate office and the woman I spoke to refused to give me a district manager. She said that it is up to the customer to save the receipt. She said that Target will not give a customer a receipt if it is past 90 days. Why is Target Customer Service and store managers telling customers to call Guest Relations for copies of receipts if Guest Relations will not give out receipts past 90 days?

I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to take care of this today. It is interesting that Best Buy, Walmart, and many other retailers will give customers copies of receipts and can provide information for warranty issues. If you lose your receipt for a Target purchase, forget trying to get any help from anyone at Target.

You might want to shop at a different retailer.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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I had a similar situation happen to me with a lost receipt; unfortunately, I have to agree with the consensus here. It is up to the customer to keep up with receipts, and the attitude of the poster here was abysmal, especially considering it was HER responsibility. It is nice for Target to help, but let's face it, that's just a nice thing that they can do some of the time, not what they OWE us.

Naples, Florida, United States #618247

You are an ***. Plain and simple.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #618177

The reason they could not find your receipt in their system after the 90 days is because receipts expire after the 90 days. They do keep them for longer to accomidate longer months and to help guests.

but the do delete them after time. I mean Why do you think someone would keep track of something that was of no use.

Of course, losing or misplacing a receipt is your fault/problem. Heartless has NEVER lost ANYTHING in their life and you are the ignorant person who needs to pass apologies around like candy.

How dare you ask a company to help you after a purchase? Who do you think you are? The nerve of some people - losing their receipt AND asking for help at the site of the transaction afterward??? You bad, bad, nasty, greedy American!!

Shame on you for even entertaining the thought that Target has to help it's "guests" after a sale! You are the bane of the existence of the Target corporation and should be put on a torture rack in some desert somewhere and left to suffer for your "error". You make me think of David Copperfield, who had the nerve to ask for "more, please"!

Heartless is right - no more for you!!!!!!!! :( :(
Really, Heartless from Chaska, you redefine stup*d and hateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:p :p
to Anonymous Vigo, Galicia, Spain #765983

Hey the OP is not six years old they are an adult. Therefore they should accept responsibility for losing the receipt, and realize that the world does not revolve around them.


This is your fault/problem! Target clearly told you if it was past 90 days there is nothing they could do for you.

It's your responsibility to keep the receipt not Target. You failed to do so. Take responsibility, stop trying to blame others for your error.

Target owes you nothing. You owe everyone you called an apology for being rude and condescending.

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