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I ordered two gifts off of my friend's registry. When they sent the confirmation email, it showed an item I did not order.

I called to try and cancel the order or change the order to what I actually wanted to buy. The associate (Madeline, would not give me her last name) said that I couldn't cancel it. She also told me it was shipping to store (it was not, I set it up to ship to my house.) I called immediately, there is no reason the order could not be cancelled. To make it worse, Madeline was INCREDIBLY rude to me, telling me it was my fault for not checking the shopping cart (which showed the items I ordered, not the incorrect item they decided to send--that was $20 more than the item I chose, btw.) She continued to tell me I could deny the package when it came.

I explained that I work and would not be at home to deny a package and she told me she guessed I'd need to drive it to Fed Ex. She took absolutely no accountability for their mistake, did not cancel my order and did not offer to make anything better.

I will never shop at Target again. Shittiest customer service I have ever received in my life.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service, Website glitches.

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employee's are constantly not held accountable for errors. your are probably lucky they just didnt hang up the phone on you that is another thing that target employees do constantly.

to Anonymous #887865

It is a simple click on the item you want, the child who is posting the complaint obviously clicked on the wrong item. How do I know this is a child, he/she cannot admit fault. Mommy or daddy should have been there helping this three or four year old.


That's okay. People with your attitude shouldn't be shopping at Target anyhow.

They won't miss you. Perhaps Wally World is more your style.


You sound like you are three years old for two reasons. One you refuse to accept that perhaps you made a mistake, and two because you mistake being told no as rude.

Next time get an adult to help you with the ordering so you don't have this happen again. You seem to be the one not taking accountability for YOUR mistake.

Websites don't just at random click on options. It is you that clicks on the wrong things.

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