With this busy time of year (Dec) I misplaced my receipt. it's seem I made 2 major mistakes with giving target my business 1) I lost my receipt 2) I paid cash.

Without receiving any sympathy after talking to two managers and speaking with customer service 800 number I was told sorry, you will not get a refund and to make matters worse I would not even get a store credit.

Another policy (to my surprise )is that any Christmas gift (or any gift) purchase will not be returned if you don't have a receipt or the gift givers credit card. I guess you have to hope the gift giver will let you charge back on their credit card. I do know one thing they won't return and I won't either.

PS if the gift is under $20.00 they will give a store credit, not over $20.00 how many gifts do you think are under $20.00 buyer beware.....

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