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The casheir lady said this cereal was not a ebt/food stamp product and I have purchase cereal here before and never said that this not a ebt/food stamp product. she replyed to go next door to buy it!

I said I would like to see your policy. I would like apoligy from them because she misstreded her custormers.I would like to see this is not ebt Item somewhere on the price tag.or have a writing policy on every thing my brother had problem with his debit card as well she didn't know too use it.

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As far as I know EBT doesn't have restrictions on what type of cereals a person can by. WIC does, and even with WIC different stores can have different requirements, like at one store you can buy certain brands of bread, and in other stores you can't.

But getting back to the EBT cards, it isn't the cashier that decides. As the items are scanned it is the scanner that does it. I knew an elderly lady several years ago who swore up and down that she ahd seen people using food stamps to buy diapers, toilet tissue, etc.

I couldn't get it through her head that just because all the items in the cart were scanned at the same time, they weren't being paid for by food stamps. I finally told her that the scanner separates the items into food and non-food items.


This is all a bunch of garbage...When I was on SNAP, I was able to buy any kind of cereal I wanted. Sounds like the cashir was being a total b_u_t_h_e_a_d because she wanted to.

BTW, I have been off the SNAP program now for over a year and have a good job that I really like.

I used the SNAP program when I was out of work, and I used it for the reason it was there...Temporary help. :)

to guest Reliance, Tennessee, United States #752409

maybe the cashier was being a butthead but at least she has a job and does not get food from tax payers while sitting and watching television all day as the OP does.

When you get free stuff and don't have to earn it you have no right to complain.


"All of the misspelled words could be due to a medical problem". I did not know failing second grade was a medical problem.

But I'm sure this cashier had all the clearances to change the cereal to a non-EBT approved item and then purposefully waited for you to come in and then deny the transaction.

Seriously, get a job and stop leeching off us who are making something of ourselves and not living off the government dole.

Even MrsLea01's husband scrubs floors and cleans the ladies room at Wal-Mart. It may not be a job he enjoys but at least he's not leeching from the rest of us who work.


Wow... I knew people were mean but this is wrong.

None of us know this person so we have no right to judge them. We do not know why this family is receiving public help. Coming from someone who has ben down and our and needed help it is wrong to judge.

Also people should be aloud to vent without being put down for it.

All of the misspelled words could be due to a medical problem or the person could have been in such a hurry they didn't realize.

I guess what everyone should get out of this is stop judging people you don't know. :(


Nothing he says makes any sense. Why is why he has no job and needs to use money from tax payers.

Who would hire someone who can't even spell at a fourth grade level. Even if they were willing to hire him, it would be hard for him to communicate with the people dealing with him.


hey Ethan, he said you wasn't there. last time I checked, that makes no sense.

he should have said you weren't there. definitely a weird guy if you ask me.


"Second, Minnesota DOES NOT have any restrictions on EBT food purchases on cereal. That cashier was lying. I would contact the store manager directly or via telephone. There is NO excuse for what you had to put up with there .. or HERE for that matter. "

False. There are a wide variety of restrictions, including size and even type of cereal. EBT will not pay for the large bags of cereal, for instance. Typically the stamp specifies it must be a certain type (whole grain, multi grain, whatever other varieties they have now), as well as size of the box (usually 10.5 oz to 16 oz).

Please do not make up random BS to sound intelligent. You're embarrassing to all Minnesotans everywhere.


Is your brother like Eric Cartman's mom. Because from this review it appears that your brother is a she. Creepy.


that not nice to say about us and please stop saying bad things about us you wsan't there


Also even Richard's brother had a debit card because SHE did not know how to use it. Weirdness there since his brother is a she.


jediknightethan@com and Richard must be the same person as you claim. Either that or there are two idiots living in Minneapolis, Minnesota(hopefully from the same family) Bet their parents are related to make them this messed up.


I understand what Minneapolis Banking Girl is saying but she has some anger issues that she needs to take care of. as for jediknightethan@com.

I'm sure they're the original poster with how dumb their username looks. it says @com.?


Also this situation is not about the hardness to get a job, it is about this person being uneducated, this person not only spelled "cashier" wrong as Ihatedumbcustomers stated, they also spelled "replied" "apology" "customer" and "mistreated" wrong. Maybe if this person went back to school and actually graduated elementary school they can eventually in 13 years when ready for college get a degree and get a job. Most jobs do not hire third grade dropouts no matter how hard the market is.


The cashier may be lying but at least she is willing to work instead of having others support her.


I could have relatives living in the states supporting your lazy self. Talk about lazy, you are the one who gets free food from everyone else and b*tches and complains when you don't get everything for free. The job market is probably hard everywhere, however when someone gets something for free they have no right to complain because they have to shell out $3 or less for one item.


First, sorry you have to deal with people NOT FROM MINNESOTA who have no idea how bad the job market is here in the Twin Cities. [To you people who are so judgmental .. walk a mile, my friends, then talk.] The market here is truly awful. So .. stick it in your ear.

Second, Minnesota DOES NOT have any restrictions on EBT food purchases on cereal. That cashier was lying. I would contact the store manager directly or via telephone. There is NO excuse for what you had to put up with there .. or HERE for that matter.

Good Luck .. very sorry you are in a bad place financially.


why dose it concern you don't live in the states.


you must be lazy on your *** too write this e-mail ***


What this complaint really should be about is you. About how you are too lazy to get a job and about how everyone else living in your state has to work hard to feed you. You have no right to beg for because you cannot get particular food for free.

I think you owe all the people from Minneapolis, for being lazy and having them pay to feed you than having the cheek to write this review because you were denied cereal.

Don't blame them, the problem is you don't know how to get off the couch and get a job so you can pay for your own food.

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