As a result of your stance on the Paul Deen controversy, I request that you cease selling music and written material where the "N" word is used and where individuals are judged by their sex, race or religion. Until this is done, I will no longer consider Target as an option for my retail business.

There are too many "double standards" in our society, so if your going to take tough stance on one, you must take the same stance on all. As a Southerner, it would appear that there is currently an attack on Southern Culture and Cuisine.

This is a growing opinion on Facebook and other social websites and I will do everything I can to "get the word out"! Govern yourself accordingly.

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #672242

No business place, will miss you business. The difference between what happened with Paula Deen and the other materials that you mentioned is that there are legal proceedings against Ms.

Deen, her brother, sons, and all of their restaurants, for sexual harassment as well as racial discrimination. Look up the legal documents.


A life is what you need. If you people think Walmart cares, you're nuts. And they most certainly aren't sitting back reading this particular site.

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