Connecticut Target Stores - Purchased Nintendo DSi on special ($169.99) included TRAVEL CASE. Travel Case does not fit DSi. When we asked Target to exchange for a case that would fit, we were refused & told 'that is what Nintendo offered; that is what you get'.

Don't purchase anything from Target, as their service is unacceptable. When I returned the item, the manager wouldn't even come out of his office to discuss the matter with my daughter & me. When I contacted a Regional Manager (my cousin, actually), HE even said that's what you get.

Wow. What exemplary service from a mediocre 'store'. Think twice American Consumer!!

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I think it is the funniest thing that people are complaining about the smallest of situations! Relax...meditate...it's just a bag.


bootom line babe, target should have exchanged it then, don't you think? you said it yourself.

target has approximately 1700 stores in 49 states, all having this mind-number bundled with a case - so there should have been b.u.t.t.l.o.a.d.s of them - so target would have been out nothing if they simply exchanged a case, correct? from having worked in retail, things like that - cases - are HUGE money makers for the stores.

the profit margin on accessories is very large. SCOREBOARD c.u.n.t!


Quote = Scheisters

“Purchased Nintendo DSi on special ($169.99) included TRAVEL CASE. Travel Case does not fit DSi”

What was the DCPI of each item?

There are approximately 1700 US Target stores, and they all had the Nintendo DSI case bundled with the case in last week’s sales flyer.

Seems unlikely that you are the only guest to get one that does not fit. So let’s do a bit of fact checking before calling names, shall we?

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