I bought a Wine Cellar at Target. Top part went out after 4 months.

They even correctly guessed the failure. I called and they sent a replacement. Top part went out in the second Wine Cellar after 3 months. I didn't get around to calling.

Warranty went out on 6/3/2010 (I was not paying attention). I called on 6/14/2010 and explained the issue. Customer service rep apologized, and even though I was out of warranty, as a customer service gesture since the second one broke too, she gave me the option of a 3rd unit, or a full refund. I told her I would happily accept the refund.

10/12/2010 I call to ask where the refund was. To make a long story short, Supervisor Oliver told me a) they never *ever* issue refunds, or offer to issue refunds, and b) too-bad, so-sad - I was out of warranty - go away. He did see in my customer service log where the prior rep noted she did put in a request for refund, but that was not policy and he would have a talk with her.

So, their products do not work, and their customer service employees do not know policy, and even though I was upset on both points, he offered nothing to appease me, other than "making note of it".

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