Black Friday at Target was a total rip off. We waited in line at 2:30 in the morning for the 198.00 TV We know that the only have so many so why would you let people ahead of us purchase three of the on sale TVs.

It should be one per person. No one was there to monitor this or restrict the amount of items.

After picking up the DVDs that were on sale for $3.99. At the check out they charged me 24.99 each.

I was very tired and did not look at the r3ecipt until I got to the car. I went back in and they told me to come back tomorrow and they will fix the mistake. I went the next day and it ook hours for them to review the security tapes to get my refund.

My advise is to check the receipt before you leave the checkout no matter how busy.

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Ok. They don't review security tapes to give a refund.

It's all done through scanning the reciete. And, We have no limits to the amount of items one can buy on Black Friday. We're getting money and that's all Target cares about, not making sure everyone gets a fair share.

Black Friday is to crazy for that ***. And, regardless if you are tired or not, PAY ATTENTION TO TRANSACTIONS INVOLVING YOUR MONEY ***!!!!!!!!!!!


With all the time you spent waiting in line, you could have been working and made enough money to not have to buy a cheap, crappy TV.


Black Friday is for amateurs. You can get a good deal, but only if you think your time is worth nothing, which clearly yours is.

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