@ Gaithersburg, MD Target

In line waiting 6 hours inside store for a deal falsely mentioned by their security manager. The managers name is Mark.

I'm in line outside waiting like everyone. I had a chance to get "50" Westinghouse TV for $349 - they had 25 to give away, but I turned it down because he tells me that a Samsung (4AM deal) of the same size and has about the same price value as the Westinghouse. So, i decided to stay for the deal, but he did not tell where i should line up for it. After i asked around again i was in line for it.

two other people join me for the same reason. it's 3AM, very excited! a few employees come around try to figure out what we are waiting for and i tell them the Samsung for $349, they tell that they don't have any Samsung for $349, but for $699. R U kidding me!

I ask them where is their security manager, they tell he has gone home conveniently. The manager in charge comes who I've seen several times and was nice courteous to her, a late 20's to 30's blond women. She basically would not do anything in regards to the mistake of her fellow manager. She offered me a $10 gift card for the inconvenience, but I turned it down.

I would have gladly paid $349 for something of the same size,but no. No substitutions! or if i were able to get a rain check for the Westinghouse "50" that i almost had, nut no. I rather pay more for honesty then stupidity.

I was not looking for a freebie, but the bargain that i was told, which i would have gladly paid. NO MORE TARGET FOR ME!!!

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Consider yourself lucky. I work at Target and I wouldn't get a Tv from them if it was free.

The trucks are poorly packed. I've seen night after night cases of spilled juice, lotion, shampoo...etc packed on top of electronics. Not to mention the stuff is just thrown into the trailer. Next time shop Walmart.

Oh yea Target doesn't always have everything that is in the black Friday circular. My store didnt have the Wii bundle and we were told by management to tell the guest they were sold out.


Anonymous - you live in Attleboro, MA and the poster is from Montgomery Village, MD. :eek

How are you sure they passed fliers out in Maryland???

God forbid you made a mistake and you are trying to sarcastically take advantage of it!! :x

Pretty bold of you to make such an allegation of something you know so little about.

:p How do you know this person's intentions? :(


I'm sure you received a flier while you were in line for Black Friday. And the flier clearly stated that the led TV was in fact $699. God forbid someone makes a mistake and you were trying to take advantage of it.


Well, Anonymous, I am very sorry about what happened to you at Target. It seems as though they never stand behind anything you are promised by their employees.

Hopefully, you can find a better deal over the Christmas holidays and holding out turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

Whatever you do, though, seriously stick to your beliefs. Don't buy anything from Target, because as bad as they treated you, it could be worse. Should you ever encounter a problem with a Target purchase, you are stuck with a product that will not bee guaranteed to be corrected AND out your payment price.

Beware of Target. They are horrible.

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