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While Target's "crowd manangement" was great gettin cutomers in, we were held captive in the electronics line. First we had to get in line to "hold" an ipod touch (5 minutes after we learned that was step 1).

Next we were forced to wait in line the electronics line for 1 1/2 hours to pay because they only 2 cash registers!! There was "help" all over the place, but really...2 cash registers? Our other group was out the door in 15 minutes because they got to go through the regular check-out. It was really a bummer to lose over an hour captive because of a long line and slow because of only 2 cash registers.

Good planning Target!!! They get a 5 stars bullseye getting customers in and a negative 3 stars becasue they missed the mark serving electronic customers.

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What kills me about this is that I bought my (broken) 40" LCD HDTV in regular checkout and had to check out wii games in the back.


I had a bad experience at the Poway, CA Walmart store, so I went to the Poway Target about 1/2 hour after it opened at midnight. The sales associates were courteous and helpful and I found similar items at the same Walmart prices.

I agree that I had to wait a long time at the electronic register, but then a manager came and got several of us. She took us to the registers at the front of the store.

This sped up the line a lot. I know we had to wait, but at least we got the items we went for, unlike Walmart.


There is only room for two registers at electronics.. it's not really made for people checking out all of their purchases there.

We cannot turn them away if they do have a cart full of items and want to pay all at once.

-Of course you are going to have to pay for pricey electronics items there, so asset protection team members can keep an eye on everyone. It is also Target policy to pay for all locked up items in electronics.

-If you're a regular black friday shopper, you should know that there is going to be a wait. It's a crazy day and everyone is in the same boat as you.


Saying only uneducated people work for Target is false. A guy who has a degree in chemical engineering who graduated with me is still working at target 4 years after graduating, watch the news people who are educated are taking anything they can get in some cases due to the down economy. And it was all over the news that all the companies that opened at midnight were mandating employees be there at risk of losing their job.


The bottom line is that if you work for Target and you did not want to work Thanksgiving day, then tell Target management that. You will NOT be forced to work.

All you have to do is either work when you are told or find another job. It's not as if working for Target is a career move.

Only the laziest of uneducated, unqualified people would complain because their employer wanted them to actually work. What a bunch of dopes!!


They made people check out in electronics to try and minimize the risk of the ipoops walking out of the store unpaid for.


Just think of all the workers that had to miss part of Thanksgiving to be there to sell your whiny @ss an iPod touch that you probably could've waited a few days to purchase anyway. But instead you had to have it on Thanksgiving. Stop complaining and think about the workers there to serve your pathetic @ss on this holiday.

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