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Target advertised pre-Black Friday availability on a 40" television for $119 for on-line only sale. The item was not available for final sale until today (Thanksgiving) , but the website allowed addition to shopping cart beginning two days ago on Tuesday.

I quicklisted the item and added it to my cart assuming I had now reserved one which would be in my cart to purchase today. When I returned to pay and check out early this morning, the item is now out-of-stock and other, higher-priced items are offered in place of the TV - - the classic retail bait-and-switch promotion.

If they cannot conduct business in a fair and open manner, and have to rely on trickery and lies, then I no longer will be doing business with them either online, or in their stores. Shame on Target!

Review about: Target Website.

Reason of review: Advertised item not available.

Monetary Loss: $119.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: False advertising.

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I had a feeling they were doing this.I saw something listed on their website on sale that was too good to pass up. However, Ironically It was ONLY AVAILABLE IN STORES!

I took the bait and drove almost an hour away from where I live to get to the location. I arrived only to find that the item was mysteriously not available at that store even though it was stated on Targets website.

In fact the Store Reps didn't even know there was a sale on that item. I had to pull out my phone and pull up the item and show them.

I was so pissed I was not lured in to buy anything! I suspect alot of other people got baited in too as there was tons of cars pulling in as I was leaving.


I worked for target briefly and it is common practice to offer an item to lure people in while only having a small percentage of the item to meet the created demand...they'retricking people to get them into their stores knowing you'll more than likely buy something while there.

Mountain Home, Arkansas, United States #907057

Same here. I spent 18 hours compulsively watching for the add to cart button to appear.

When it did at 6 pm, I hit it on all 3 computers I was using. All led to an "empty cart" no matter how fast I clicked. Called customer service and they claim that it sold out at 6 am when the website didn't even have an add to cart button until 6pm.

Liars, false advertisers and not on my shopping list any more. Hate them.

to Pox Orange, California, United States #907126

Are you sure you read correctly, I mean for someone who does not know the difference between "ad" and "add" perhaps you are the one making the mistake?

to Pox Birmingham, Alabama, United States #907465

I went through the same thing. A lawsuit may not be possible.

However, I know I will not be doing business with liars and I sure many others feel the same. Hey, Kevin Richards must work for Target, he is defending them on other posting also? At the same time, he can defend the corporation, all he wants, but when a company has fraudulent practices, they always seem like the quickest to fall. With so many angry customer, I will really be surprised if Target last long.

In fact, they did Walmart a huge favor and gave them all their business and they will never compete with Amazon on the internet. Personally, I will not miss Target, I never even really liked Target Stores.

The prices are too high, they pay their employees very low wages, and beside they lie to their customers. Goodbye Target.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #907529

You must be ten years old to ASSume that someone who tells a poster that they are wrong that they work for the company. If you look at my posts you will see I tell other posters from other companies off for making foolish posts like this.

Does mommy know you are online. Have her read my replies to Walmart, Kmart, Burger King telling other customers off for silly posts like this.

Get mommy's permission before posting. I will be using the same logic as you, perhaps you are bashing Target because they fried your for sexually harassing customers and coworkers?


Look up that old saying about the word "assume". Then go back and read the Black Friday small print on the website.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #906959

I think this was written by a child. The parent should be reading that fine print to the child.

to KevinRichards Birmingham, Alabama, United States #907471

I think you must be the child. Now, isn't your bedtime. Off to sleep for little Kevin.

to Anonymous Birmingham, Alabama, United States #907468

It never said that the product was online only. It only says it when you pull up the details.

However, the printed ads would not mention, that the deal was online only.

The customer service representative told me online only. Now who is assuming?

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