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First let me state beware of the half & half like the other consumer said it's spoiled even before it's expiration date at the Kailua Kona Store.

Beware of the overzealous Mall Cop Security guard he stalks young mothers with children all over the store.

These mothers oblivious to his spying on them as they shop makes me SICK. Teens even shopping with their parent are his main target. Last night after spending 12 hours at Kona Community Hospital with a sick family member in his high 80's I toke him to fill his pain meds. at the Target Pharmacy.

I bought Gatorade while the prescription was being filled. Little did I know this dark hair tall white security guard from h-e-l-l would try to almost run after me as I zipped around the store trying to find a ca$hier with no line. He had no clue what I was doing just assumed I was heading out the door without paying. WRONG again.

The 80's family member had to come into the store to show his ID since it was his pain meds. so I didn't want him to fall again the reason for the hospital visit. While the wheelchair wasn't be used as you know older people are stubborn to use one so my main objective was to safely return him to my car. I am appalled this is not the FIRST time this has happened as I write this I will phone the manager though I highly doubt this will correct the behavior of this rude security guard.

Shop at Ross the security guard greets customers inside the store not rude and obnoxious like this one we have to see weekly as we're regulars. One last time be prepared to make sure you have all your items you paid for some times the ca$hier keeps a few then once you go back they actually look at the video tape if it was within 48 hours. This only happened a few times except they treat you like a criminal even though I realized once home my items were not there. Calling the store immediately they had them at the front counter.

When I returned the next day I was appalled to wait 20 minutes so someone would look at the video tape. "Who's the young blonde with you?" they questioned me. "It's my teenage daughter" I stated. Maybe she took one bag with your stuff missing.

NO. Do you think I would come back to the store to pick up nail polish and some face wash risking an arrest they're nuts! I just want the items I paid for plain and simple. I can't stand Wal*Mart it's a nightmare with long lines every single day like it's Christmas time even if it's a tiny bit cheaper then Target.

Target has added some fresh produce so I'll try to see if telling the manager helps since I want a positive visit not a negative one.

Adding a Segway for this creepy security guard from h-e-l-l he thinks he's Mall Cop!

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Not understanding Target's system does not negate the complaint. I just had a fun encounter with an obnoxious Target uniformed security guard myself. The guy is a walking liability. That's why I found this. Unlike the original poster I do have experience, lots of it, as a police officer in a large city and in Loss Prevention. The troublesome thing with both of our stories is that Loss Prevention can expose a store to serious lawsuits OVER NOTHING when done without consideration of consequence. Overzealous or confrontational LP can cost a co. several hundred thousand in settlements over a 1.50 cup of coffee or profiling run amok. Meanwhile, a 700 $ TV goes out the back door and into an employee's truck. Believe it or not, even shoppers who have never stolen anything in their lives don't like being stalked in a store. It brings out a self protective instinct in humans and it is accusatory by nature. That, mixed with enough life stress, can lead to a fight. A very unnecessary, EXPENSIVE fight. Guys, good luck getting a job in LP or law enforcement after a pricey dust up with an innocent shopper(s).

LP should be as unobtrusive as possible. Anything in uniform needs to mostly be in parking lots and cordial until needed as backup for plainclothes LP. It's just more effective that way and cheaper. I know shoplifters can be dangerous. (A guy I knew for years was killed by one.) LP is a tightrope. But most shoppers are not thieves and the ones who are should never see you coming. Anything else and you creep dangerously from Loss Prevention to Loss Incurring.... Ain't nobody got time for that, not even a too-successful-for-what-it-provides big box store like Target. Lastly, the concept of 'presence of a uniform' as a first level use of force, deterrence etc is better suited to real law enforcement or guarding shoppers in parking areas. Really.

Person from Biloxi; When a repeat shopper in Target's demographics bothers to post a complaint, it should be reviewed no matter how big or small. That's how Walmart is the biggest, baddest whale in the sea. The point here is a warning. Any behavior that's next step could be a lawsuit or civil rights suit (BIG OLE PR NIGHTMARE) should be considered. Security guards are a dime a dozen, but they can cost a FORTUNE.

Let us compare; A complaint over an employee not being helpful, being brusk or misdirecting a shopper


A complaint that a security guard profiled/watched/stalked a shopper, never saw them do anything, his own fixation drives him to act so he initiates contact or gets too close and incurs contact, gets in a fight by being confrontational with the innocent shopper(disorderly conduct, stalking), arrests the shopper (assault, unlawful imprisonment), takes the shopper to his security office (kidnapping), calls 911 to have them taken to jail. No probable cause is found by the Magistrate or Judge as the charges all stem from a reasonable person being falsely accused/attacked by a security guard who has no tape, no evidence and no case. With no probable cause found the shopper is now free to sue Target and even possibly pursue prosecution of the security guard for disorderly conduct, stalking, assault, false imprisonment and kidnapping. Kidnapping is a FELONY, btw. If the guard is white and the victim is a minority, then TARGET is on CNN and Jesse Jackson is in the parking lot.

What do complainers expect you to do when they bring something they think is important to your attention?? How about your job.

Suggestion to everyone else; if one had the spare time it would be SO easy to snag one of these guards or hateful managers in a bunch of video/audio and put it on some website, especially if you baited them into taking some sort of unlawful action. It might pay off too, (Hint Hint) to those out there looking for notoriety and financial gain.

Peace and Good Life to All, but to get that remember you must also give it.


So about the reviewing video to get the stuff you left.

1. They do that out of courtesy to you, they don't have to do that at all. They could just tell you its your problem and that you should pay more attention to the things you paid for 5 seconds ago and put it in your cart when you pay for it.

2. Put your stuff in your cart as it is being scanned and bagged so you don't have to go through this again.

That said, I'm sorry you appear to have a security guard stalking you in their store, but working security myself I have been accused of stalking people among other things, where the situation simply is not as it appeared.

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #606063

msnewtampa -

I don't understand your complaint. If you are just venting because you want an audience, press on.

You simply ran into a difficult security guard. Just because the man is overzealous is no reason to post on this site particularly since you choose to continue to shop at that Target store. While that is certainly your option to whine, how do you want us to respond to your complaint? Something like "bad security guard.

You take your job say too seriously and I want your manager to yell at you"? Continue shopping at the Target store you didn't even identify (was your name supposed to give it away?)because you like it so much better than Wal-Mart and Ross doesn't sell produce.

Everyone will join in with you, "bad security guard". Hope you feel better.

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