Target store located in Norwalk ca. My family and visited this target store made a purchase on 1/4/13 when paying we gave cashier a 50.00 dollar bill the cashier punch in 20.00 instead of 50 we were given the wrong amount of change brought it the mangers attention need less to say the register was never counted and we never got the correct change.

Always write your initials or name on your money when visiting this store .BEWARE even take a photo are camera phone when shopping here they will rip u off . I will never ever shop at this target again and have also old and recommend my friend and family don't .I will continue to send out text and emails to every one I know and will be printing Flyer's simply because I don't think that this the first time its happen there and don't want this to happen to someone else

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So, it happened to you once, you didn't contact their home office to dispute this and now you're on a rampage to take Target down? Sounds a little overreactive.

I can understand if this happened to you mulitple times, but once? If you are really concerned about your money, a few flyers will do nothing. You have to contact their corporate office and explain your issue.

I guarantee you will get your money back. Take the right, educated steps and you will get results.

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #589543

if this happened when youre still there, insist on the drawer being counted right then and there. if you discovered it at home, contact the manager and tell them if theyre honest, that drawer will be "over" at the end of the night.

otherwise? nothing you can do

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #589536

Sure, that makes all the sense in the world!

On 1/4/13 (uh, TODAY) you gave the Target cashier $50.00 for your purchase, are given change for a $20.00, go and report the problem to the manager, and get denied any action to correct the problem.

You send out a warning for people who frequent that establishment to be careful and to take steps to protect themselves, yet the responding comments excuse the issue because, "mistakes happen" instead of expecting the problem to be resolved with your missing $30.00 BY THE MANAGER YOU REPORTED THE PROBLEM TO!

Unbelievably, Target (and their apologists) strike again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for being proactive and so dedicated to exposing the breakdown in Target's problem resolution skills. I applaud your decision to not let this matter be silenced by complacency and taking the initative to do something about it. I, too, will not let the matter rest regarding my experience at the hands of Targets' employees or their corporate policies. I have continued for seven years after Target "bait and switch" doing my best to expose Target's abuse of the public trust. I will for continue to for a very long time to come!

Naples, Florida, United States #589410

When did you notice the wrong change? Immediately or days later?

Mistakes happen when working with money. Everyone has done something similar.

If you noticed it immediately and notified management immediately, then it could have been corrected immediately. If you waited, then you are sol.

Thornton, Colorado, United States #589275

I can tell you from experience that things like that happen every once in a while due to not being focused on what that person is doing. As a Target cashier myself, I should know that it has happened to me quite a few times and I always fix the mistake.

I am sorry that you had this experience. It seems to me like the cashier had made a mistake and probably didn't notice it.

Please note that if it happens to you again, make sure you tell the cashier about the mistake or ask to see a supervisor. Once again, I am sorry you had this happen.

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