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I bought Sonicare Toothbrush for a gift for my family member overseas. When she opened it, it was dirty.

Handle was discolored and you can see some marks. It took me while to bring it back to store. When store clerk who happened to be manager asked me what is wrong with the product, I was honest to let him know it was dirty. When he examined he told me in rude manner it was used and not even same product on box.

He pushed that product back to me and said something like “no return, you used it.” I told him it was gift and it was never used. He just ignored me and raised his voice and said same thing. I decide to call Target office. I had to talk to several customer service rep and last man was talking to me I very disrespectful way and they are not taking back.

Since I was victim of whoever returned used product to Target and Target failed to inspect returned product, I asked him for his supervisor. He replied “ I don’t have any manager.” Is he CEO of Target? I kept explaining but he just ignored me and pretty much hang up on me. I have been shopping at Target over 30 years and even there is Walmart close to my house, I still shopped at Target.

If I was going to cheat Target store by bringing used product, why would I tell manager it is dirty? I could have done same thing as person who returned this used product and said nothing wrong with it.

Instead manager at Palatine store and customer service rep who has no manager were so rude. I urge every one to check inside box when you purchase expensive item especially hygiene goods.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Try the ones in Wheeling, Arlington Heights. For the one in Palatine on Dundee Rd., go at night.

It is rare for a Target to have bad people in customer service but the one on Higgins and ONE of the ones near the Wheeling/Prospect Heights border does. The is the one who's CS desk is to the right of the entrance; the one with the CS desk to the left of the entrance is the good one.

to Raven #854967

It is obvious that this person was trying to scam the company by trying to return an used toothbrush, why encourage her to be more dishonest? Telling someone no is not rude.

I bet you did something to the toothbrush and tried to return it before your parents found out. Only a child would mistake being told no as being rude.

to Anonymous #854969

I agree with you unfortunately after rereading the review. First he claimed he went in person and showed the toothbrush was dirty and used, then he claimed he was on the phone and hung up on? Wonder if this is one of those high school assignments teaching ninth graders how to write a proper business review?

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