I have been to Bay City, MI, Target and am very disappointed each time. I purposefully avoid this store and will drive to another city rather than deal with these people.

Each time I ask for help finding something I'm given a reason they can't help; don't have a scanner, not from this department, I'm unloading trucks, I'm busy or flat out I dont know and walk away. The problem isn't their answer, its the lack of drive to help me further and I'm treated like a nuisance for asking about location of items or stock in the back. The lack of quality customer service ranges from the customer service desk to the cashiers to staff walking throughout the store. I just called to see if they had an item and was told everyone is busy and she refused to check for me.

Why would I want to spend my hard earned dollar here?

A look many other places have better services. I'm no longer shopping here, and I make a point to tell others not to waste their time in Bay City too.

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I've never expect help in making a purchase at Target. They trow it on the shelf.

You put it an a cart and take it to the registers.

Unfortunately they don't want to hire many cashiers to take your money either. Sure wish they would put some self service registers so you don't have to wait in the 2 or 3 lines out of 24 they have open.

First Born Triplet

Each person has a different department and area and with a store with like thousand different items they don't know where everything is.


Keep in mind that Target doesn't view you as a customer, they call you a "guest". That's where the problem begins.

Do they treat you like a guest? Heck no. Have you ever considered charging a guest in you home for a beverage or a snack? No way.

Target will. That should give you an idea of what they think of you as a guest.

They are just there to turn a fast buck. Make sure you only pay with cash, you never know what will happen to your credit card or bank account information if you let them have it.


they get paid if they help you and they will get paid if they do not help you!! That is what CUSTOMERS get for minimum wage.

No motivation, no knowledge, no help. Who are you giving you hard earned dollar to The CEO of discount retailer Target Corp.

received a pay package in 2010 worth $23.9 million, 83 percent more than he made in 2009, because he became eligible for enhanced pension benefits and his stock awards rose as the company’s performance improved..... what do the low level employees get ..........


Are you sure it isn't something in your attitude? I would be willing to bet you have never had an employee tell you they can't help you because they are unloading trucks, because that is done in the stock area where customers can't go.

They don't unload the trucks and take the merchandise directly out to the floor. As far as when you call to ask if they have a certain item, the store operator can't look, and as far as everybody being busy, if by any chance you happened to call just before the store was set to open, and they were in a store meeting.

They have them every morning just before opening. I used to work in a Target store.

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