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Dear Target Fatcats and fellow consumers,

First of all, I would like to say that I am a veteran of WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and Iraq. This has nothing to do with my complaint, but it should help me conjure up some sympathy because Target did not treat me as special as I thought they should. I also have cancer, aids, and slightly dry skin. Plus, I'm on a fixed income.

I like to buy and return things. I get bored a lot and find its fun to fill my time buying things and turning around and returning them. I just love being impulsive and not thinking before I purchase anything. Anyway, I went to Target to return a copy of Madden 11 for my Xbox 360 as the new version has come out and I just wanted an even exchange. First, the clerk asks to see my receipt. I told her I don't have it, seriously who keeps a receipt for a year?!? She said she would not be able to process the return. Who said anything about a return? All I wanted was an even exchange!!! Since I didn't get my way, I thought she was rude. I demanded to see a manager.

I waited 15 minutes to see the manager. I think its total *** that a manager has more responsibilities other than speaking to me, the customer! What was he doing that was so important, running the store? Finally, the very young manager (it's ok for me to discriminate based on age, but no one better do it to me!) finally came to talk to me, all he did was recite some mumbo jumbo about open software not being returnable, how I've had the game for a year, I have no receipt, the receipt would be expired anyway (I've never heard of a receipt expiring and since I know everything, if I haven't heard of it, it must not exist) and how I have no rights to this year's edition. I assumed that Target would want to make a customer happy! I consider Target personally responsible for all my assumptions! In any case he denied my exchange. How rude!

I informed this manager that I spend $10,000 a day at Target and if he couldn't provide basic customer service, I would do my shopping at Wal-Mart where I'm also assuming the outcome would've been different had this situation happened there. He said he couldn't help me and he was sorry. He was so rude! Couldn't he just given me what I, the customer, wanted? Whatever happened to "the customer is always right"?

I asked to talk to someone over him. He gave me a number to call. When that person told me the same thing, I wanted to talk to their boss. This cycle repeated a few times until I was told this was the highest person I could talk to. I informed them I wouldn't stop until I spoke with The President of the United States and maybe not even then.

I refuse to accept any type of responsibility because this is in no way my fault at all. This is 100% all Target's fault. I'm going to tell all my friends and family how poorly I was treated, so Target will lose their business as well.


Every dumb consumer on this site

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I think the metal plate in your head is starting to rust :grin


This was hilarious!


I got you all beat..I'm a veteran of the Romulan AND Klingon war!!!!..GO STARFLEET!! :p :p :p


Awesome, LMFAO! Seriously though, there ARE some legitimate complaints here, but unfortunately you have to wade through alot of whininig idiots first!


I don't blame WhoCares for missing the point. This complaint sounds pretty much like every other one I read.


Great story and just wild enough that WhoCares missed the point. I guess he was unaware that the last WW1 vet (a Canadian who lied about his age ) died recently. Keep writing, those of us in retail deserve a laugh once in a while.


I also served in the Revolutionary and Civil war. I fought for your rights, show some respect!


First off, if you really were a Veteran of WW1 and WW2 you would be too old to serve in Iraq (even if it was the first one), nice try but get your facts straight.

#402409 rock.

I deal with this everyday as a retail manager.

You just took my feelings and put them into words!

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