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I shop a lot in target , but each time we go theres an old woman who's from russia and she always follows me around while she's checking the prices or something she also probably thinks i'm trying to steal , wtf? i would never steal anything in my life ever!!!

also she talks to herself like shes some crazy person while shes fixing the stuff on the counters and shes very rude with a heavy russian accent ,shes a total psychopath, now this is in the 13131 montfort dr,dallas tx location near our house but anyways the other time i was trying to get a job there during the holidays last year and we were shopping at one time and we headed to the cashier and i think a supervisor was there at the cashier since they were getting ready to close and meanwhile we were getting checked out with all out stuff i asked the woman who is i think the supervisor a big fat black lady if they were hiring and shes like no sorry , but the rude cashier unnecessarily complained that she wouldn't be having anyone take her position , i was pissed as ***!!!! who does this *** think she is to tell me i cant work there, she should be thankful we even shop there to feed her lazy @ss , well im glad i told an employee there what that *** said to us , wtf ? and the supervisor was even there talking to her , i don't like this target location even though we have no other target location close , i rather go to a supertarget location thats far than shop at that store , i hate the fact that the majority of the employees who work there are black , sure call me racist , but those employees have issues and they only get a job if they know someone else who can recommend them , while the minority working there are hispanics and theres one white supervisor, i know a nice hispanic lady who is very sweet and she even tried to get me a job there the other day but its pretty difficult , oh well i wouldn't want to work there for nothing in the world !!

target is a crummy place!! oh and dont even get me started with the target homophobe issues!!

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before you go and make fun of other races, you might want to avoid talking like a complete *** so you don't get made fun of instead.


Exactly what is your complaint? :roll


In case you're wondering, your post isn't smart, funny, or interesting in any way. And yes, you are an ignorant racist.

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