I went to the target in culver city at the mall, walked up to a check out stand and asked the lady if she was opened she said no but when someone else came after me maybe a second she took them. Spoke to the supervisor but nothing was done about it.

So I will not be going back and I will tell all of my family and friends about the situation.

This happened friday 6/29/12 I work around the corner from this store. I am so hurt because I have been a good customer for years there.

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Often, when we are told to come up for back up cashier, we take as many guests as possible to clear up the lines and then head back to the sales floor. Once we believe we are heading back to our zones, we will not take any more guests.

Unfortunately, sometimes right as we're getting off the register, we need back up cashiers again, and therefore, must reopen. It's not necessarily the cashier's fault that they thought they were going back to the floor and said no to you, but later took another guest.


maybe the register wasn't working at that exact moment? you never know.

and anonymous psychopath, you are simple not capable of leaving one comment without expressing your smiley face fetish.


While I hate it that your lesson at Target was as painful as mine, I am in total agreement with you that I will never shop there again.

I also agree with you in making it a point to warn everyone, family and associates and neighbors, not to shop at Target because they will surely be taken advantage of at that store!!! :)

They are simply not reputable in dealing with their customers and have no idea the meaning of customer service! :zzz :zzz

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