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I had a new born baby in mid January’13 and had to use a breast pump to feed my baby as she couldn’t latch on. We had to return the rented breast pump to hospital and decided to buy Medela’s Breast Pump.

My husband bought Medela’s breast pump from Target for $225 on 2nd Feb 2013. However, to our surprise when we opened the box at home, there was no breast pump in it and it was filled with junk like wood pieces, some clothes. My husband immediately took the box back to target store (Lewisville Super Target, 4760 State Hwy 121, Lewisville, TX 75056). People at target refused to return and asked him to get in touch with the manufacturer. It was a Saturday so he could not get in touch with the manufacturer. He requested the store staff to make some kind of temporary arrangement and give him another breast pump or help him in some way as he didn’t had the money to buy another pump.

The store staffs were terribly unhelpful, manager (named Josh) made him wait for more than 30 minutes and when he came offered no help. Above all, the security personnel asked my husband to leave the store immediately and walked him out of the gate. My husband did not raise his voice or misbehaved in anyways but these people asked him to leave the store while he was still talking to them. We are stuck with an empty box with no breast pump, no help and over and above the unnecessary humiliation that my husband had to go to.

Because of all this, my baby had to suffer for 5 days before we actually got the pump replaced by Medela.

I am completely mad at Target and will be filing complaints wherever possible for the way my husband was mistreated and humiliated by the Target staff especially by the security personnel, not able to replace the Pump even though it was bought at their store and also because of their ill judgement my baby had to go without an adequate diet for days.

Review about: Target Manager.

Monetary Loss: $242.

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Please pardon the sarcasm of my posting yesterday. Some of the comments pasted on this site are too boggling to be considered rational.

Would you please post a follow-up to the "GREAT BREAST PUMP CAPER OF 2013" masterminded against Target by the newest nortious criminals of the year - yourself, your husband and your three week old baby?

I would love to know what action you are able to take action against Target.


Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #605103

I agree. The fact that you presented no proof that you didn't fill the box with junk, the fact that your newborn infant was unable to feed and suffered malnutrition at a very critical stage of his development, and the fact that you didn't have enough money to buy ANOTHER breast pump - doesn't make Target criminally negligent.

You probably wasted everyone's time by not taking no for an answer or backing down from explaning that you needed to feed your newborn baby.

It's just a moot point.


Look at it from the store's perspective: A customer claims that they were sold a box without the item inside offering no proof that they didn't do that themselves. Do you understand that stores can't just fork over another item and eat the loss every time someone claims that?

They would be out of business quickly. Your husband was probably asked to leave the store for refusing to take no for an answer.

Whether he was rude or not, the conversation was over and he probably continued to waste everyone's time on a moot point.


Target's employees and their corporate people have NO concern for the products you purchase from them if you encounter a problem.

They will humiliate you and deny any recourse for help. Target is a terrible, terrible company and no one should shop there.

I was treated the same way at Target. They would not help me no matter what action I took to correct the problem. They will treat the customer like a criminal.

Please pass this unfortunate situation on to whomever you can. Your newborn baby had to suffer being malnurished because of Target's blatent non-caring attitude. No one in the retail business should be allowed to get away with such dangerous activity. Perhaps your peditrian can put you in touch with people who can assist you in this matter. It seems that you should be able to get help from DHS in the very least. In today's world, this is completely unacceptable. You certainly have a case against them for endangering your baby's health, but I would believe that you can pursue this matter even further.

Bottom line - NEVER TRUST TARGET. They are legal criminals.


How is the store to know if you didnt stuff the box yourself? Also how do you know if your husband was rude or not?

Was you there? :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

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