I bought something online. It apparently was delivered on Christmas eve.

It wasn't there. Never saw it. I called and after many attempts to get them to help, they sent a replacement. The replacement showed up in a completely mangled box.

Not there fault the product was damaged but still it was. ((It wasn't even in a box other then the box the product comes in.)) The box was ripped to shreds and the bench damaged. I was not looking forward to trying to get customer service to help - again. So, as my packaging slip said, I was eligible to take it to the store.

Well, I got there and they said no you cant bring it here it has to be sent back. They had me speak to someone on the phone. They said I would get a slip in the mail to return it. That never came.

I called and several people told me I would get a return label in my email. That never happened. I also couldn't understand much of what anyone I ever talked to said. I emailed a complaint to the website.

Nothing. I called for a fourth time and while on the phone with a customer service rep a return slip finally came to my email. I sent it back right away and never got a refund. I called again, heard the same story...someone will contact you in a few days.

Why can't anyone talk to me now??

I hope someday this will get resolved. As of now, two months into the ordeal I'm not hopeful I will ever see a refund.

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