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My daughter was fired from her job at Target yesterday, and I'm actually glad. It was a terrible place for her to work.

They would schedule her to work and when she'd show up they'd tell her, "sorry, somebody made a mistake, your schedule was changed and you're not scheduled today". With gas at $3.50 a gallon, it is expensive to drive a 30 mile round trip, not to mention the wasted time, just to be told you're not needed. She has worked for me in my business and you couldn't ask for a more consciencious, postive, upbeat employee. But when she neared the 90 day mark they fired her.

I can only guess that it's because she would then qualify for benefits. She was treated like something you'd wipe off the bottom of your shoe by her nasty "team leader", so in the end I think this was a positive learning experience for her but I'm glad she is now free to look for a better job.

She would have stuck it out no matter how poorly she was being treated, because that's the kind of person she is. Perhaps they'll be happier with her replacement, but something tells me they won't last more than three months either.

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No one knows what acttually happend. I have worked for target and I loved it, mainly because of the people.

But thats not to say that every target is ran exactly the same. The target where i worked had a sheet for employees the allowed you to pick up shifts or try to drop a shift and have someone else pick it up.

So no one here knows what actually happend and therefore it's a waste of time to pick fights on a site like this unless your bored outta of your mind. Then by all means post and enjoy the chaos.


This is the first & the last time I will be on this site, not that anyone would care but there are a few on here that are behaving like children. I am looking for part time employment for the Christmas season & I want to work at a place where I will be treated fairly and not be screwed over pay wise I though what about Target.

For those who insist on replying to certain individuals, your as bad as they are. You are giving them exactly what they want attention.. IGNORE THEM!

They will eventually go somewhere else.

With that being said I wish to all Happy Holidays.


:x :( :cry :sigh Target makes me vomit and so do all of you yokels! :eek :eek :( :( :( :( :(


None of you were there, so quit being so ignorant and giving your backseat opinions@


And thus, the attacks continue. This is proof that this site incites responders continues.


Your daughter was more than likely lying to you telling you she had to work when she didn't.

I used to do it to my parents all of the time. I'd go over to my boyfriend's house and hang out there and come home a little bit later.

If I was home earlier than expected, I told them we were slow. Later? We were packed!

Wake up and smell the roses, daddy! You are being scammed by your little angel.

Way to pawn it off on Target though.


Sounds likle the "team leader" needed to cut costs and picked on your daughter. Sorry.


Call it what you will, I am not "attacking" Tasha. I am accusing her of perpetrating a ruse as a fourteen year old child when it is apparent that she is employed by this company to create an environment of contraversy to keep this site vital. I agree that this site is pathetic, and am calling for it to be shut down.


The uselessness of this site is incredible. Nobody can know who posted what, who is who, nothing.

No integrity to the conversation at all. IP addresses mean nothing, by the way. Every time an ISP server reboots it assigns a new IP adress. Most people don't have fixed addresses, and I recently switched from at&t to brighhouse for my service.

And, I have a computer near me at both of my businesses so I'm never more than a few feet from a computer with a different IP address. No, this site has no value at all and I'm sorry I ever initiated this *** thread. I dont' care what anyone else thinks of Target, but I've spent my last penny there and so has our extended family. And I'll never miss an opportunity to disparage and bad-mouth them for years to come.

That is bad ju ju for a company, far worse than *** useless sites that allow for impersonations like this one.

I'm the OP, but there is absolutely no way for any of you to know whether that's true or not. What does that tell you?


That's pretty big talk from Michael, Joanna and Alex dba

How far do you want to push this?


you's gotta love america where a site as valuable as a piece of *** paper off a freshly wiped *** full of :cry ...the creators of this site are small petered men and bull *** women ..let's all vote for joey franco whips the living *** out of these piles of moneky *** on live tv ...


You probably see the posters, so you would know better than we do.


:( :x :cry :cry :zzz 8)

all of this or most of it is made up


I agree with the previous anonymous' posting. The employees are so woefully treated and it reflects in the service given to customers.

I know these people work hard for a living, but their corporate offices have no concern about them. It is hard to believe that there is a 90 day probationary period just to have to yield to corporates' unrealistic rules in the end.

I hope the people who work there and the people who considered working there read these reviews carefully. If they treat these people badly, what do you think they will do to you?


@Former Target Executive:

I work for Target currently and this is by far the WORST company I have ever worked for. But being a college student living on my own I cannot quit until I find a new job.

The STL (store team lead) is new and has only been there for 2 weeks, but he is awful. I have only seen him once and that was to introduce himself. The ETLs (executive team leads) are awful too. They sit in their offices all day doing nothing, and when the front lanes get backed up they just sit there and continue to do nothing.

They don't even listen when you go to them with a problem. I was told to even "suck it up" one day. And please don't get me started on the team leads. I (who am NOT a team lead) have trained every single new employee in the last 18 months.

and did I mention that my team lead got a raise to be a team lead and to train these people and I did NOT?! Why am I still being forced to do her job? This company is ridiculous and corporate does nothing about it.

So please save your comment about people being biased. If I am correct i believe your comment is biased as well.


You are WAY too biased to be telling this story! Your daughter was let go during the probationary period because after the 90 day mark, an entire elimination process is set into motion that will last at minimum 3mo and probably longer.

Why she was one will ever know the truth. But, as for showing up to work during a 'scheduled' shift.

The company makes these mistakes and works the person for a minimum of 3hrs due to the error. If that did not happen for her, then obviously the company is playing favorites (totally believable :-)


Tasha is not a 14 year old child. She is a plant and this site should be investigated by the FCC and shut down.


Tasha isn't a 14 year old child; she is a plant by to keep artificial interest in this site.


Tasha isn't a fourteen year old girl. A full time employee would have great difficulty keeping up with as many posts as goes out under her name.

The sole purpose of Tasha is to create negativity, insult, and accuse people to get controversy stirred up and keep this site going.

I believe she is a plant of Check for yourselves at the enumerable sites the name appears on, and don't fall for his/her goating.


YEA for father - YEA for daughter!!!!!!!!!!

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