I purchased a digital camera for my parents on Black Friday. They said they didn't need it, so I tried to return it within the 90-day Target return policy.

WHOOOOOPS - their return policy on electronics is only THIRTY DAYS. They would have given me $60 store credit for a $200 camera. Sorry, folks...I'll save that camera for my dog to use before letting you profit $140 on a crappy, poorly posted (IS it even posted??) return policy. In the words of T.

Swift, I am NEVER, EVER, EVER buying any electronics from Tar-zhaay again! Fool me once....

ONCE! >:(

Monetary Loss: $140.

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Columbia, Missouri, United States #629585

on your receipt right under the item it states the exact date you have to return the item. the return policy is also posted at guest service.

Los Angeles, California, United States #629532

It is your own fault for not looking at your receipt (which states the return date directly under the item, not on the back, not hidden, not even in small print.) Don't blame the company for your inability to pay attention to detail. BTW, you could have also asked before or after your purchase.


READANDKEEPYOURRECEIPT: There is a much better way to handle problems with Target and their crazee return policies - SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE and don't get burned by a retail store with crazee st*pid policies. Simple.

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #627741

actually the policy is 45 days and the date of return in clearly printed on the receipt. i can guarantee it.

don't be pissed that you didn't read.

also in the return policy target withholds the right to refuse any return. have a fantastic day :)


Oh my, Anonymous. Sure seems like you stepped on some nerves with this posting. Brother, there are some hostile responses to your problem.

I don't blame you an iota for practicing the Swift scool of thought when purchasing electronics.

NEVER, EVER, EVER buy electronics from Tar-zhaay again! In fact, NEVER, EVER, EVER buy anything from Tar-zhaay again and shop at a store with a friendly return policy.

And, whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT RE-*** THESE PEOPLE OFF AGAIN. I swear, you sent four people into orbit!!


Walmart's electronic return policy is 15 days. So is Best Buy's. Where do you plan on buying electronics with a return policy longer than 30 days?


Oh, YOU made a mistake? Yeah, must be Target's fault. Jack@ss

to Your Fault Hollywood, Florida, United States #620650

it clearly states on your receipt right next to the item if it has a different return policy with the date it needs to be returned by.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #619967

Being you bought the camera on Black Friday, I am sure you didn't pay $200 for the camera. Unless you have the receipt when you return an item, if that item has been on sale since it was purchased, No Matter what type of item it is you only get refunded the sale price. Live and Learn.

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