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Placed an online order to be picked up in the store. Received e-mail Wednesday telling me my order was in. I decided the weekend might be a good time to pick it up, as I would have time to do so then. Went in Saturday(of the same week) and the order had been cancelled the day before. The e-mail, which I did not feel it necessary to read entirely, as I intended to go get my order the same week anyway, said down further that my order would be cancelled if not picked up by Friday.

That's right, the Friday immediately following the Wednesday when I was informed my order was in.

Are they serious?

Three days???

I never even checked the pickup deadline in the e-mail because I planned to pick it up in a couple days and figured that, like other companies, I had a week or ten days to do so.

That is really *** customer care.

I found the same product on Amazon for two cents more, shipped directly to my home.

Have a nice life, Target.

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Why should they hold stock aside for then you feel like picking it up? Lesson learned, read your emails. You can't blame them for this


Emails are sent for reasons, this one told you when it should be picked up. It is not their fault that you could not take a few seconds to read the entire email.


That's good that you were able to find it on Amazon and get it quicker. I always am very careful whenever I purchase something and make sure that I am getting the best deal. Thank you for sharing the iinformation about Amazon, maybe it will help some people avoid the trouble that you went through.


The email Did state that your order would be cancelled if not picked up by Friday. Yet, you Chose to Not read the entire email. Target Did include in the email What would happen if you Did Not pick up your order as soon as possible.


They aren't a storage facility. It's not their fault you didn't bother to read the e-mail they sent.

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