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I usually dont have a problem with targets snack bar. Today, i ordered 3 large bags of popcorn.

Since there wasn't enough for 1 bag, the cashier said i would need to wait for it because they would need to pop more. I said no problem, then she asked if i really wanted 3 large bags because that is a lot of popcorn. I smiled and said yes..i want 3 bags, then i ordered 1 order of hot wings, 1 order of mild wings, 2 large drinks and i picked up a premade personal pan pizza. When my hot wings was ready she called out hot wings, so i went to the counter, she gave me one order of hot wings.

I continued to stand there, she looked at me and said yes..i asked where was the rest of my order. She said well i have to bag the popcorn. So she stopped what she was doing and bagged my popcorn and handed me 3 half full bags of popcorn. I asked her if large bags of popcorn was always half full.

She said yes. I said i didnt realize that i should have ordered 3 full small bags. I continued to wait there and she ssked me yes? I asked where was my order of mild wings.

She said oh..and gave me someone elses HOT wings.

Thanks but nooooo thanks!! I took pictures of my half bags of large popcorn!!!

Review about: Target Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is all over popcorn right?


McDonald's is probably checking their special sauce right now.


Here's an idea. Go home and make your own damn food.

to Anonymous #1481132

Yes thats a good idea. Can you buy me the popcorn machine then can you come and clean it? Use your brains.

to Anonymous #1481371

All it takes is a pan and a lid on the stovetop. Nothing difficult about washing your own pan.

to Anonymous #1482204

It doesnt taste the same but thank you for your 2 cents.

to Anonymous #1483631

Im dying at these comments lol

to Anonymous #1537333

To: Target.-Bad Customer Service. I am so sorry too hear about your experience.

I know what feeling. While i was buying my food for myself and my family. An employee came up too me and making, sexual comments into involving food, next too me. Then, the employee tried too put his hands onto me asked me for my telephone number and for my...

I'm not going too saying what the employee said. It was too inappropriate for an employee too say too an customer. I am able too smell the booze onto the employee's mouth! The employee was drunk!

The employee then had the nerve too try too kiss me. At this point, I am pissed, mad and angry. I am here too shop. I am not too here too go get laid.

So i asked for the store manager. While i was walking too the store manager. The employee said by my ear and my face, "We got some hot stuff and an hot piece of..." At this time, I am livid. The store manager saw i was turning red.

The store manager: "Hi." "Are you okay?" "You look flushed." "How I am able too help you?" I am like, "Yes." "Where do you let your employee making sexual references or advances too the the customers and being drunk onto the clock?" Store Manager: "I'm so sorry this had happened too you. You don't deserve this. We do not condone this behavior." The store manager: I need you too tell me the employee you're talking about?" "Yes." "It's him." While i told the manager who the employee was and the department. The employee had the nerve too be, "Oh.

Nice, why don't you bend over and show me what i am able too stick my..." I turned around with the manager into behind him, The store manager too the employee and had smelled the booze onto his breath too, "Excuse me, you're drunk. you're making sexual references too your customers.

you're fired." This behavior is not for work, its for out of work, " This whole experience i could of gotten my shopping done for my family, but instead i was being treated like an piece of meat. Guess stupid employees play stupid prizes.


They should have given your money back and kicked you out of the store. .. easy


You'll probably forget all about this and continue spending money in that store, right?It's not uncommon for a "guest" (that's what they call YOU) to suddenly find out that their beloved local Target has a second face under the first.I'd bet a testicle that this cafe/food avenue/whatever worker you dealt with, completely trash talked you on their very next trip to the employee break room....it's the true culture there.It's really a shame people continue spending their money here.

to Formerly PFresh Tom of 2270 #1475454

Actually, this target is out of the way even for popcorn but i was in the area...so no..i dont intend in going back there. I can stop at the movie theater which is 5 minutes away.

I dont find that target is a cheaper store or what they offer is any different from any walmart or kmart. They just had the popcorn i was craving but thanks for taking the time to respond.

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