I was at the lathrop ca store on sat dec 7th and the cashier named elects was so rude to me that she ruined my day. The product I was buying was mispriced and when I brought it to the register it came up at a different price and I told her the price it was labeled at but she won't even listen to me.

She kept telling me no it's not that price. When I told her to have someone check she made a face at me and looked at me like I was crazy. Then finally she told another employee to check the price and the other girl bright the price tag to her. She still didn't do it and she walked away and got her supervisor.

And when I told her the price it said on the tag she told me it's not her problem. Even in front of her supervisor she kept saying she's not gonna do it. And while I was waiting for her supervisor to come up another customer came to her register and without even excusing herself she started ringing them up and didn't even tell me to move or what she was doing. And while ringing me up she was throwing myself in the bag and she just handed me the receipt and didn't even thank me.

I told her I was gonna tell her store manager about her rude behavior she said she didn't care. I've been shopping at this store ever since it opened. I am there at least three times a week if not more. I've never encountered such a rude employee like her.

That makes me not ever wanna go back to that store. All of my family and relatives live in lathrop and they all shop here so I am gonna tell everybody about my experience and make sure they shop somewhere else. I even tried calling the manager on duty when I came home but I was on hold for at least 15 minutes and nobody took my call.

So I am really pissed off at this store. I spend a lot of money there and I expect to be treated with respect like a customer should.

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Unionville, Ontario, Canada #755140

First of all when you call someone old enough to work a "girl" you have no right to accuse them of being rude. Calling someone who is old enough to work a "girl" is rude.

Second you seem uneducated. Learn to use proper capitalization.

So because of one rude employee you don't want to return every again. Trust me you WON"T be missed.

What I love about people who complain is they say they are going to tell all their friend and family not to shop there. They think they have so much power that they can control where their friends shop.


Always remember these cash register clerks make below poverty level. Education level low.

future career path none.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #754612

I don't know who the other anonymous is, but it isn't me. I'm wondering what you consider having a face made at you?

I'm sure it wasn't sticking her tongue out or anything similar. Other than this type of behavior you can't really call a person's facial expression "making a face." She might be somebody that gets an occasional pain that makes her grimace, or it could be a facial tic. I'm sure the cashier's name wasn't "elects." Why on earth would anybody go shopping at the same store at least three times a week? The less you go shopping, the more you save.

You have this mightier than thou attitude, for somebody that is so smart, are you aware there isn't any such word as "gonna" or "wanna." It would have been real interesting to see the cashier throw you in the bag, like you stated. WHY would you let something so small ruin your day? Develop a thicker skin.

When you want to complain about the way you are treated by a business, it usually works better to do it on their customer service site, instead of telling the rude person you are going to complain about her. There are times it is better to "zip your lips."


I'm on your side. That is rude behavior.

She should be fired. I would take this up with the Corporate Office if you have not tried that yet.

Good luck.

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