This morning I went to chase a deal that everyone was doing, which would have saved me a lot. One of the workers there seems to be following me the whole time as if I was stealing something.

Because I had a big purse? My purse was wide open with a bunch of coupons ! Anyways so I got to the cashier, I didn't get down her name but she was rude and forgot to mention but at this point I was already irritated by the other worker! Maybe it'll make more sense if I was to say, the cashier was super nice to the customer in front of me.

Right when I put my items on the belt, she already gave me a dirty look, poor customer service. After my second transaction she just left to talk to other worker and didn't even notice I had other things in my cart. I mean seriously!? The cashier also didn't greet nor say have a great day !

In fact she went over and whisper something to the other worker who was practically staring at my transaction!

I should have spoke to manager and asked for an apology. I work dealing with customers also and know that its my job to be polite and make the customers happy.

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Gregg Steinhafel, Target Corp. chairman, president, CEO

Total compensation: $23,472,082 for the year ended Jan. 31, 2013

treat customers nicely why bother. These clerks will need to work 799 years and they just could not possibly be nice that entire time. so if you want someone to be nice to you go somewhere else!!

Orlando, Florida, United States #724362

I don't know about anyone else, but I do work in retail and as far as i'm concerned, my job is to do my job/duties not necessarily make you happy.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #724352

I haven't ever had a problem returning items to Target. I also would never run around with a large purse hanging open. For one thing it is an open invitation for somebody to walk by and grab items out of your purse, and it does make you look suspicious.

Maryknoll, New York, United States #724329

Bad Customer Service is the only kind Target offers!

Ocean Springs, Mississippi, United States #724289

You'll never get an apology from Target.

They have the worst customer relations of any store in the business.

If you think that experience was bad, try to return a product that you have a problem with. They will humiliate you and refuse to do anything to correct the problem.

Stay away from Target. Once they take your money, they will do nothing further to follow up with service should you need it.

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