For all those who shop at target! I bought a Vizo 47" smart TV about a week ago, got it home and set up and what do you know the screen is defective. Well I don't have time during the week to go back so this weekend I brought the TV back to the store to get it replaced. The lady at the customer service desk returns the TV and says that she can't do an exchange I have to go back to electronics and re-buy the TV. I go to the electronics hand them the receipt from the original TV and told them I want the same TV again. They bring a 47" Vizo TV, by the way the regular and smart Vizo packaging look almost identical. We get to the checkout counter and I go the swipe my "redcard" and it won't work. They call the credit department and it turns out that it takes24-48 hours for the funds to be returned. I wanted that TV for some college football games that were on later that afternoon. So fine I bought the TV on my fiancé's "redcard", by the way the reason

we are using the "redcard" is so that we can get the 5% of on the TV. We get back home begin to unbox the new television and what do you know they gave me a different TV than what I had asked for. Fine, I go back up there explain that I was given the wrong TV. They bring a new TV that is correct this time and they can't do an exchange they have to do a refund and then resale the TV to us again. Now due to their ignorance I can't buy the TV and save my 5% because why, that's right it takes 24-48 hours for the funds to be returned to the "redcard" and if you remember the first one was put on my card and second one was put on my fiancé's "redcard" so between the two of us we now had $1200 dollars tied up on our "redcards" and no TV, because at that point there was no way I was going to buy that TV in any way shape or fashion from that kind of establishment. By the way when we returned the second TV the lady at the customer service desk was rude and acted as though I was causing her trouble, her job is customer service, she wasn't very good at her job. Here is the icing on the cake I went and looked at by "redcard" account online just now and they left $16.48 on there, how or why I don't know because I only put the TV on my card.

Thanks Target you're the best!!

Monetary Loss: $689.

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Anonymous, you sick ***, I'm sorry to tell you this but that would have happened with any credit card. but how would you know? you live under a rock.


Well, I discovered your misdirected thinking in the matter...

Customer Service at Target - there is no such thing! The only reason they employ people in that department is to rip customers off.


If they made a mistake in your favor, whooooo hoooo!! You will be in only person in history to walk away from Target not bleeding in the pocketbook.

Good job and good for you! :zzz

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