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Using the baby registry at Target was a horrible experience. It took 4 phone calls and 48 hours later to have the three items I purchased marked "fulfilled" on the registry. Anyone could have gone in during that time and bought the same 3 items. Registries are supposed to avoid duplicates.

On the first phone call customer service said to wait 6 hours to see my items marked "fulfilled". After that time only 1 item was taken care if. Called back they said to wait overnight. Next day only 1 more item was marked "fulfilled". Had to wait another overnight.

Very annoying!!

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I had the same issue with target's baby registry recently. The problem now is that the items do not appear on my registry for guests to view online at all!

Their customer service is a joke. My shower is in less than 2 weeks and several guests hav indicated that either they can,'t see the reg online or an item the purchased was not removed. Don't bother.

I agree that is a great alternative. I'm also registered at babiesrus and hav had no problems with them.


You should try It's a universal registry so you can add items from any store (including Target) but their customer service is amazing! I emailed them with a question about my registry and got an answer in under an hour and my mom called them to buy off my registry (she's not so great with the online shopping) and they were really helpful!

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