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Target today: FORCED me return items I already paid for online pickup. Gave us the run around at the store.

Lied to me on phone when I called to complain. Lied about a compensation that was offered!(please go over the recordings). Wasted my time gas and money!!

And the last custom rep I talk to belittles you in her tone of voice. There are better stores that wont disrespect and appreciate you!

User's recommendation: Please shop elsewhere they don’t deserve our business and if you talk to a customer rep record your phone convo!!

Location: New York, New York

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Well. The moderation team has deleted one of your reviews.

And everybody is able to see how dumb and uneducated you are! You had three reviews onto here. Now you only have to you.

Got two words for this reviewer aka "yousuf." #Byefelicia! I am pretty sure alot of people are laughing at you for how stupid you're sounding!


We thought were onto this reviewer's side. But we wrong to support them.

This reviewer is acting childish with the same rude and arrogant comments comments.

Anybody that has a brain and education, a real one. They know "No, the customer is not always right." The employees and managers deserve the same respect.


Yeah, I noticed that to about this person!


U people better leave this reviewer alone or else!


Calling out and confronting this reviewer! There is a difference. Clearly why are you defending this chauvinist pig reviewer?


I'm guessing you're full of s hit on this one. There's more to the story.


There is


I guess you work for target too !!!


So. Are you the reviewer. You just claimed there is more to this review than this person is saying!


How did they FORCE you to return anything?


Ordered 5 things online. Received email to pick it up.

Everything paid for. Had to drive a hour away because this target was the only one that had it.. got there she made me wait like 15 min. Came out said I was only allowed one per person.

And she was going to refund the 4 and return the rest to the floor. Had a friend with me, one of those was actually for him so he offered to purchase one of those in her hand she said no there’s 2 on the floor got to grab one of those?!?! Couldn’t find it asked for help the guy said there was none we told him she said there was 2 on the floor and I just returned 4 he sent up back to the front. At this point super frustrating and we left..

why is it ok for them to waste 3 hrs of my time!! Why is it ok to force me to return items after I had pay for it the transaction went thru already. I call target headquarters and talked to a few people one guy was kind of trying to be helpful but one lady after was like where’s the problem. Just wasted almost 3 hrs of my time that’s the problem.

Is it right after I pay for something you force me to return?? Another thing I put the order in a couple of days ahead so why couldn’t they cancel or send me a email before then!


Complain to their Corporate Headquarters about this


I did but the way she talk to me was kind of belittling . She kept asking what is your point like that’s it?!?! But why is it ok for your company to waste 3 hrs of my day


I think that it is the other way around. You're wasting the employees and manager's time with your attitude.

It is no wonder why you're not service! No employee or manager needs to deal with a customer like you!


I just received A $20 gift card from them. Don’t think I’ll be using it because it was the first but the last time they disrespect me don’t want any compensation. Just change the system should not of been treated that way or wasted my time.


Good. Because nobody needs a customer like you.

You're rude and arrogant! Just because you cannot have your way does not mean you get to act like a entitled brat!


How come you're the only defending this customer? Clearly everybody knows and understand that this customer is full of bs!

And everybody is able to see through this reviewer that is looking for attention and fame.

Shame onto you for defending this entitled customer who cannot have their way. Sounds like the both of you need to grow up!

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