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Had the worst experience with target.

Made my first purchase on 05/31 for around $30.00 (with a 10% off promo code), which allowed me to have free shipping. When all of my items arrived, one item was defective and was unable to be used, and another item was the wrong color. I immediately called Target to let them know of the two problems I had with my order. Not once was I told " I apologize you did not receive the correct items in new condition." I went on to explain the situation. I was then told by the agent, that I needed to return the lamp to a target store and wait about 10 business days to reorder my lamp because they had to contact the warehouse to see if the warehouse put the blue lamp in the yellow lamps spot. He was unsure if it was a picking error, or a slotting error.

I waiting until today, to place a new order. I contacted live chat and asked them if the issue had been resolved so I can place a new order. The response I got was " I would place the order again, and hopefully you get the correct item." I didnt even know that was an acceptable response. I then asked the agent if the item was in stock, and he told me it was. My second question was "Am I going to receive free shipping on my order since it was on my original order and the wrong item was sent to me?". He stated he would waive the shipping. When I went to go place my order, the item was NOT in stock, and was $13.04 than I originally paid. I had also told the agent this, and he said he would adjust it. I ended up buying the SAME exact lamp (except this one I just purchased did not come with a light bulb. no biggie) I gave the agent my order number and he then proceeded to tell me that he was going to give me a gift card of $19.72. No where in our conversation did he state that the refund would go on to a gift card when I had just paid with a VISA. I told him, hat is not acceptable and why would I get a gift card if my original payment is a credit card? He tried to tell me I could use the GC whenever I wanted. When processing a refund, the refund must go back on to the original payment form, you don't get to choose. If I had paid with a gift card, I would be happy to receive a gift card back. He finally said he would refund the cost of the difference to my card.

I received an email saying my order total was $11.51.. which I knew was wrong. The lamp cost was $9.78 with a 10% discount that comes to $8.80 + tax = $9.33 The amount of $9.33 should have been charged to my card and not $11.51. I reviewed the receipt and found out they charged me 6% sales tax on the original cost of the item ($21.84), and not on the cost I originally paid ($8.80). Again I needed to contact Live Chat support. I swear both the phone agents and live chat agents dont even look at customers orders OR listen to what their customer has to say. He responded with "Yes, the order is $11.51." I then broke down the math so even the simplest of minds can understand. He knew I was beyond frustrated with the company and said "As a one time exception I will refund the difference." Oh geeze, thanks. You originally made the mistake, then tried to charge me the full amount, then tried to refund the difference onto a GC, then charged me the wrong sales tax on the item. I am forever grateful. I will never ever be shopping with this company ever again. At my job, we give out $10 target gift cards for employees who go above and beyond in customer service. I will be meeting with the owner and HR department tomorrow to get these gift cards switched over to WalMart. As my employees should not have to deal with a company that misrepresents themselves, and should not have to go threw a headache for the correct items.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Orange, California, United States #1000773

You are not even old enough to use a credit card. I hope your parents are not too hard on you when they found out you stole their credit card and I hope you apologize to them instead of being a hypocrite and not apologizing.

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