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I ordered some bubble Christmas lights right after Thanksgiving assuming that I would have them well before Christmas. Within the first week I received an email that they would be back ordered and I would receive them by Dec 15.

No problem these things happen. Today I received an email saying that they will be back ordered again until Dec 28. (after Christmas) I was annoyed but again these things happen but since it is after Christmas I obviously don't need the lights. I called customer service to cancel this order.

I was told that they could not cancel an active order. WHAT?!? If you don't have it just push cancel.. He said I should just refuse the order when it arrives.

Sorry bud but I am not here during the day. So now I get the joy of using my lunchtime to stand in line at the post office to return an item that never should have been sent then my evening will be spent with the bank disputing the charges.

I am so mad that I won't ever go into a Target store again. There is a Walmart right across the street.

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