A target employee named "ariana" (I think someone called her that) who was stocking shelves at the Grove City Target location was absolutely unpresentable: 1) She had a hat tucked into the ***-crack of the waist-band of her pants while her pants were sagging an extreme amount (which showed off the men's underwear she was wearing), 2) she was very clearly speaking on her private phone with someone else while not paying attention to what she was doing, 3) and finally she was incredibly aggressive while I was nearby (waving her hands like a maniac and giving me the "hurry up and get out of my way" gesture). She should not ever again be in a customer facing role within the Target Corporation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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First...what if that isn't her name. Here you are defaming an Ariana @ target store and your not sure that is her.

You know you could have asked for her name, called a manager over...I feel like something bothered you and you did nothing about it.l and this bothers me. Where's your manager

Zanesville, Ohio, United States #1320315

Who was I going to ask to contact a manager for me, "ariana"?

to Anonymous #1320806

You can contact one yourself. How do you even know it was a she? For all you know since they support cross dressing and allowing you to go to the washroom of the gender you think you are she could be a he dressing up like a lady.

to Youaredumb #1321508

Exactly don't let the name Mrs. Doubtfire fool you.


Wouldn't it be more helpful to contact the store's manager rather than complain on a website that they will likely never read?

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