Cookies were stale and burnt also falling apart crumbling.

Bought product at Target store this product is suppose to be satisfaction guaranteed.

I have never had a problem with Target products before.

I have bought Archer Farms products, never had a problem until now.

Being it is food I have to complain.

Code number 085239097090 best by Dec 24 2011.

I do not wish to make a big deal about this but when it comes to food it ticks me off.

And its hard to believe that a well packaged box can be so messed up why is that?

Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Deal.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Vie or Via or whoever you are - you.are.a.liar!


So ..... TAKE those stale, burnt cookies BACK TO TARGET.

Seriously. It's probably just a bad batch. "Being it is food", it's ridiculous for you to spend your time on this site typing in code numbers that don't mean JACK to any of us and return the product to the store which you purchased it from.

Miss-categorized and *** review.

"Thank you."

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