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Bought a TV that popped and broke. They cannot find the infomation in their computer.

I have the waranty and cannot find it - will though - but it is beyond my comprehension they cannot find my warranty by name, address, or phone. It was registered at the store - or so they told me. Guy on phne said I would have had to call them or go online. Store told me they took care of it.


Got mountains of receipts / paperwork to go through but I will find it. HOWEVER, if I have to ship it to them and wait, that is not acceptable.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Once you do find it, read it. You will find that your TV will be shipped off for repair.

If it is unrepairable, you will either be given a refurbished model or a new model off the shelf with similar specs. I don't understand how that is unacceptable when that is what you agreed to when you bought it.

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