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Another sale run VERY poorly. The Lilly Pulitzer collection went on sale today, 4-19-15.

Very limited items in store. The target I went to only had 5 weekender bags for sale. And how funny that lots of items were on Ebay BEFORE the collection went on sale today. They should not let their employees purchase all the items BEFORE the sale even starts.

Or have better inventory. When you sell out in 8 minutes you would think their buyer would know how to order.

On line even worst. People were able to start buying at different times. Someone said they ordered at 3am EST, I logged on at 2am, 4am & 5am CST and it wasn't up yet.

I was able to purchase at 6am. Very few items left.

Reason of review: in store & on line quanity.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I have to say as someone who has worked in retail, you have no proof the employees set aside items before putting things out on the floor. The stores that I've been employed by made it clear that you could shop before/after your shift and obviously on your days off.

No setting things aside before the pallets went out and no keeping an item by your register to call dibs. No ifs, ands or buts.

Even as a pawnbroker we employees had a 10 day wait before we could purchase or layaway merchandise new to the floor.

If we wanted an item and we sold out before the sale was over, tough, wait until the next shipment.

If that hideously patterned junk was so important, you should've shown up earlier.

Orange, California, United States #973985

Why not get mommy or daddy read you the ad. Surely they would be able to read the fine print where it says while supplies last.

You really should have asked their permission before posting this though.

They could have explained to you not to be a sourpuss and automatically ASSume, that the employees bought the products. They would have told you that most stores have policies against employees buying stuff and putting it aside before customers get to them.

to KevinRichards #1110378

That is not the only thing they are whining about. They are also whining that they did not order enough.

How can they order if the third party company does not have enough of the product to sell them? The fact that this person thinks that stores can just wave a wand and make items appear out of no where shows that they are three years old.


You have no way of knowing that Target employees buy merchandise before the sale starts. That is just an assumption on your part.

Chain stores don't pick and choose what they want to stock. Corporate determines that.

Of course these items were ones that you were going to absolutely die if you didn't have them. Grow up!

to anonymous Orange, California, United States #973986

You are right it is an ASSumption on their part. Just being a sourpuss because mommy or daddy did not take them to the store before the items ran out.

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