Despite slick adverstising, I've decided Target sucks. Told at check-out that no dogs are allowed in store (dog in carrier, weighs 6 pounds).

I understand that stores with so called eating establishments don't allow dogs due to health laws? Give it a break. A dog in a carrier does not pose a health threat. Ignorance is sad.

Dogs go everywhere in Europe, I am obviously living in the backwoods. Perhaps one of the 5 sales assistants I passed on the way to check-out could have spread the word? I've spent my last dollar at Target.

I can easily do without their services.

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It’s the law lady. Wtf. I’m sure Target can easily do without your business.

to Anonymous #1455945


to Anonymous #1457001

What law?

to Anonymous #1467368

What law do you speak of. There is none. Stores can prohibit pets from entering their establishment, but target has no policy against that on their store policies

to Anonymous #1527988

Yes they do. Only service animals are allowed. It’s on every entrance...

to Anonymous #1533157

Health codes do not allow for people to bring pets in stores.


Well I just ran, almost literally to a girl carrying a snake in her arms at Target. Snakes behind glass in a zoo are fine, but not shopping in the same aisle as I am in.

to Debbie #1490354

If you don't like snakes, why did you run to the girl?


I also do not understand why service dog is different than otehr dogs. If policy says no dogs that means no wven service dog.

Do not undestand why many stores do not allow small dogs at least in stroller or carrier.

If dog is hypoalergic, non shedding And well behavied I really do not see the reason to not allow dogs bring with you. Hope they will soon change a rules.

to Sonja Funduck #1438799

I don't see the reason either I have a small hypoallergenic puppy who is well behaved never barks and loves people. She goes to Walmart with me!

They have never said a thing to me! It's ridiculous how stuck up people complain about them like if they aren't bothering you don't bother them.

to Anonymous #1462353

It doesn’t matter if your dog is hypoallergenic and well-behaved or not, she’s a pet that cannot go into no-pet establishments. I do not want pets in no-pet places because they cause a distraction and even a threat to my service dog that has trained all her life to be with me.

I hope you understand why nets shouldn’t go everywhere like service animals. Have a good day/night

to Anonymous #1527990

Hypoallergenic only refers to the hair/fur! If you have a sander/ saliva allergy it causes serious issues.

to Sonja Funduck #1438945

Because a service dog is MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. You wouldn't deny someone the right to bring their oxygen tank with them, would you? Service dogs provide life saving tasks for people with disabilities and it would be prejudiced, ableist, and down right unethical to deny someone the ability to bring their service dog with them.

to Sonja Funduck #1462352

Service animals provide assistance to someone disability, whether that be seizure alert or psychological disabilities like autism or PTSD and panic attacks. The reason why pets aren’t allowed at no-pet establishments is because they can pose as a distraction to service animals, which can cause the service animal to miss an alert, or the pet can be aggressive and attack a $50,000+ service animal.

Also pet owners may not have their pets as clean as service animals need to be. It doesn’t matter if a pet is hypoallergenic or not, it’s still a pet and doesn’t have public access rights.

to Sonja Funduck #1538622

Service dogs are medical equipment


What difference should it make between a service animal (that are generally not hypoallergenic) and a well behaved dog that is confined to a carrier. I can understand not letting an ill behaved dog, or a dog that is on a leash and goes to the bathroom everywhere.

The policy really makes no sense. Not to mention a lot of targets are next to a PetSmart.


I love the "this is not Europe" comments. You're right, it is not Europe, this is America. You know, home of the free, where you SHOULD be able to bring a dog into a store if you wanted.


Target is NOT Petsmart, or Petco, leave your dog at home. Service animals are a different story.


Well I'll be thrilled that you no longer shop there. A dog is not a person and should never be compared to one.

People are more important than dogs. My daughter has anaphylaxis from contact with dogs. Their dander, their saliva, etc... can cause her to stop breathing.

And I've seen people carrying their dogs in baby slings on their person, dancing around so the dander flies all through the air. How hateful our society has become when a dog takes precedence over human life.

to Carey #1396964

What do you do when she flys and there is a dog on the airplane?

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