First off, I love Target, but I will never again buy any food product in the store. I was just there and Housewives of NJ wanna be's were in the store WITH THEIR LITTLE DOGS.

Now, I have no problem with service dogs, and I know legally you can only ask 2 questions. So I did. And the NJ housewife went off like a timebomb. She couldn't answer the second question, clearly showing her dog was a service dog.

I have 2 dogs. I know what dog hair is like. I don't expect to pay for it, or some unknown, unseen dog virus on my banana.

No more food Target

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The true problem with faking a service dog is that it harms the legitimate ones. Fakes ones rarely behave correctly and it gives stores owners a bad taste.

They can distract real ones from their job and can unintentionally hurt the handler (missing a seizure alert because it was distracted by the poorly behaving dog). I have a legitimate service dog who helps with with balance and alerts and calms me during panic attacks. She has undergone thousands of hours of public access training not to mention the hundreds of hours of task training.

We have been attacked twice in target and growled, lunged and barked at over a dozen times. Even though my SD helps me with my disability, I feel that I am at risk every time I go somewhere because of the fakes.

Medford, Oregon, United States #715078

the policy is you can have a service animal in the store but we are not allowed to ask you for papers proving it is a service animal. because someone can take it th e wrong way and sue us for accusing them of lying. work at target.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #698092

Legally, we are only able to ask the guest if the animal that they have with them is a service animal. If they say "yes", we are not allowed to do anything further unfortunately.


employees at stores such as target can only as if the animal is a service animal, but they can't ask for proof (it's against the law, at least in California). Therefore it's really easy to bring an animal in the store, and there's nothing the store can do about it. Stuck it up.


I agree with the original poster! Why the *** do these stores allow non-service dogs in the store?

It is unsanitary and a liability for the stores. It's just a bunch of rich b i t c h *** c u n t wannabe's trying to copy what they see off T.V.

and have the I.Q. of half of their shoe size.

to Richard #696827

You and the OP said it. What if the dog peed and somebody slipped and broke their hip because of it?

Lawsuit against Target in a heartbeat.

In Bethlehem, PA, there is / was a hang out place called the Daily Grind that served coffee and sandwiches / pastries. One time I saw a woman with a 10 week old puppy in there showing it off and the staff didn't care about it being in a cafe establishment. And puppies are def not service dogs, especially not THAT young.

She was in there for about 30 mins to an hour. The very next day, I saw somebody trying to bring an injured puppy into the coffee shop from the heavy snow to wait for somebody with a car to come and take both the person and the puppy to the vet. The employee that was working there threw the person out into the snow and cold with the injured puppy.

They didn't even care that just one day earlier a puppy was in there for 30 minutes or longer. Total BS.


I'd rather have a dog in a cart before I used it than a drooling kid with sticky hands. Much less of a chance of catching something from the dog.

to just saying Wellersburg, Pennsylvania, United States #713976

You're right, anonymous, so

Here's the solution

from all human beings on the planet -


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