I really dislike shopping in a store that allow dogs - in shopping carts and/or on the floor. The employees I complain to "ignore" the complaint.

Two different shopping days, the dogs were NOT SERVICE DOGS. I will be returning the items I bought.

I can't find a contact on Target website to send my complaint in. Why do people have to bring their dogs in the store where they pee/***, yes at Columbia Sportswear in Portland, Oregon and the owner did NOT clean up after their dog. The dogs also pee on the racks, etc.

I don't want this on my clothes, we are allergic to dogs, we don't want our children to come in contact with it in the shopping carts. Ewww!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Website.

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Kids are dirtier than dogs


Wahhhhhh wah wah, you sound like you're fun at parties! Lol

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1213843

Unfortunately, there is more to it than just service dog. There are now so many "special" reasons, such as anxiety, special needs, seizures, social disorders, etc.

that a team member is NOT permitted to inquire about their reason why they have a dog with them. Yup, it's true, call corporate and ask them. I know because I was an employee. It's a violation of some *** health care privacy act or some such nonsense.

I had a lady, who repeatedly, would bring her dog in a baby stroller.

Nothing could be said to her, and I was warned not to approach her. Crazy rules for crazy people.

Shelburne, Vermont, United States #1213650

Wow you need to get over yourself

Falls Church, Virginia, United States #1208361

Get over yourself

Covington, Georgia, United States #1206885

Get a life dog hater!

Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania #1204688

Target should only allow service animals in the store, there are health codes in place, for places that sell food. This is not Petco or Petsmart, where you can bring your pets into the store, you wankers


Maybe people want to be good owners and not leave their dog in their cars??? Have you ever thought of that?

Me and my boyfriend share a dog, and God forbid that I need something such as tampons when I'm running around and doing errands with my dog. If I need to get something from a store and I have my dog with me, I WILL take my dog in with me.

I highly doubt that the dogs were peeing on the racks, Maybe you should move to an island where dogs to not exist! Note: my dog is a three pound micro teacup Yorkie, please tell me how my little ankle biter who is carried in my arm or in my purse, is going to ruin your day?


Are you a dog hater?? Gosh your rant makes you sound like a crazy person!


Aside from the fact that you were poorly raised, you sound like an uneducated waste of space lacking in the most basic elements of common sense. Didn't your equally uneducated parents teach you that trolls shouldn't leave their homes?!

Ontario, Canada #1121000

Look my dog Misty is well behaved, and if I want to bring her in the store I will. Besides Misty is well behaved, unlike some of the adult customers.

I saw this lady yelling at an employee because she was not allowed to bring back clothing for her child that she bought over a year ago because it was too small she was using more profanity than I heard in the brothel that I work at.

Still the manager asked me take my dog out of the store and allowed her to continue arguing. They basically kicked the wrong b**ch out of the store.


All public places are already FILTHY. You're living in a fantasy land to think otherwise. If you wanted to limit exposure to infectious germs, you'd have to ban the PEOPLE.


It's not a matter of liking or not liking dogs. They and any other pet is not allowed into Target.

The FDA has made it illegal to take animals into any business selling food - perishable or not.


Dogs are NOT allowed in Target. Anywhere food is sold animals are not allowed. The FDA has made it illegal to take an animal into any business where ANY food is sold.


are you a bitter old ladies who doesn't like dogs or something? Get over yourself lolol


You are just plain ignorant. I have 3 well behaved little dogs that sit in a stroller and no they do not pee all over the place. They are also hypoallergenic having hair and not fur and are cleaner and better behaved than most children.


I agree with you. Also, Target is a SERVICE ANIMAL ONLY store.

I have a service dog and it infuriates me when people take their pet dogs into places where pets are not allowed.

It makes it so much more challenging for those of us with a legitimate need for a service dog. What infuriates me even more is when people slap a vest on their dog and call them a "service dog" because they want to take them everywhere. But that's a whole different topic...

And before anyone jumps down my throat, I also have a PET dog.

Who I take everywhere that PETS are allowed. But he will NOT go anywhere where a pet is allowed.


Majority of people who bring their dogs into stores (i.e. Me) that arent strictly pet stores, hold their dog or put them in the cart and would definitely pick up if there was a mess. I feel sorry for your miserable life, hopefully your children don't turn out like you.


You will be returning the items you bought just because there were dogs in the store. How old are you six? They cannot even ask if the dog is a working dog or not.


I take my dog everywhere I go. My dogs like family.

If you don't like dogs then how about you stay away from the dog. Most stores are pretty big it's not like anyone's asking you to pet the dog or Walk the dog. Honestly on hot days you just can't leave your dog in the car.

And by the way my dogs extremely clean and taken care of oh and he doesn't pee on everything he sees he's well potty trained and honestly hes probably a lot smarter then you are. I know for a fact he's cleaner then most children and he doesn't leave drool and boogers everywhere.

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