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I go to Wheelock College right near Target. So I went into City Target in Boston by Fenway and bought some electronics and grabbed a 6 pack as well.

I am 21 years of age and from Connecticut and have sold to me plenty of times before with no question they scan my ID and put my birthday in and I go on my way. But this time I went in The manager asks for my ID and says they can only accept out of state ID's if I have my passport on me. I have 3 other forms of ID but not my passport its in Connecticut and no one usually carries their passport with them any way. The manager denies my purchase of alcohol and I could not buy it.

I go in there pretty Frequently for alcohol any way because its the closest liquor store to my school.

The manager was very rude and refused my sale of my 6 pack never going there again.

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Same thing happened to me except i was chill about it and they let me purchase the six pack with out of state ID. It was still an annoying wait so I will never shop at target again for discriminating against me.

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You may be 21 but when you act as if you are five years old they have right to refuse to sever to you. Refusing to sell you alcohol is not the same as being rude.


Merchants have the right to refuse service for whatever reason they want, It doesn't matter if you've purchased beer there before or not :( I was once refused service because, even though I'm 24 and out with my 50 year old parents, my license is vertical. Liquor laws in Massachusetts are awful.

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