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I am a 70-year-old youthful and active woman who applied for seasonal work at the Target store two blocks away from my apartment. Imagine my surprise when filling out their application to be asked if my age was between 18 and 49.

I thought age could not be legally considered in hiring, Target? (Ha ha, guess you 50-year-olds are losers, too!) Target's app also asked an "optional" question (is ANY question on an employment app REALLY optional?) as to when I graduated from school. If you answer it, you have told them how old you are. If you don't answer it, you have told them how old-ish you are.

Why do I get the feeling that my app went directly into Target's "File 13?" I received a warm and fuzzy "thanks, but no thanks" response from their hiring dude. There's no way to actually prove that I was passed over due to my age, but questions that force you to reveal your age without explicitly asking "How old a gal are you?" are just a sneaky way to do it. Are the questions legal? Guess so, because I'm sure Target has a huge legal team that helps them stay barely on the legal side of that razor sharp line.

Unethical and ageist?

Oh yes. For a minute I wondered if they knew they were telling a three times per week, loyal customer and potentially loyal employee to sod off, but, I think I have found the better answer- the 18-49ers will continue buying their stuff long after I gone to that other big box store in the sky.

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Hundreds per store*


I used to work at Target as manager (team leader). I was very involved in the hiring process.

Nowhere on the application does it show anyone's age OR age range.

You have to realize that Target gets hundreds upon hundreds (if not thousands) of seasonal applications. If your application didn't stand out, it may Mowbray have gotten a second look.


So it never occured to you that maybe there were more qualified applicants? If you're old, say that you were hired because you are old.

If you're a minority, play the race card. Anything to avoid looking in the mirror and accepting that you might just not have been the best applicant.

to Simon #754597

This had nothing to do with not being hired. It had to do with being asked questions that would force me to reveal my age. It's against the law in America to exclude someone from employment strictly because of age.


Unethical and Ageist? yes of course it is!!

Why is target even in business? the entire model is based on we are prettier then walmart. The people that shop at target are willing to pay more to have this fantasy!!

Old is not a selling point to Target.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #753881

I don't think Target cares.....nor will one potential employee turned away probably stop their hiring practices.....and you are right.....they like all the other Corps have legal teams just standing by to take on that fight.....the average person does not stand a chance.....lick your wounds....and move on

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