my wife went into the hunington beach target and was accused of stealing when she did'nt and i'm pissed about that. you made her like a theif and the person there was very ruin to her.

i'm thinking about sueing. i hope we can talk soon to work this out. you guys need to do a better job at treating or custormers. i really want to sue but maybe we can work this out in another way.

now she is depressed and feels violated. how dare you accuse her of stealing.

she had nothing. i can't belive how ruin that worker was.

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First off. Target Team Members NEVER accuse someone of stealing.

NO store does that. Second, if they pulled her aside to check bags, they HAD a reason to do so.

If you weren't there, you do NOT know the full story. Dumb a$$

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #672176

If your wife is mature enough to go shopping without you, she is mature enough to do her own complaining on this site. In fact if she had done the complaining the spelling in the complaint might be correct, there might even be some capitalization and proper spacing between sentences.

Did they have her arrested or detain her in any way? Did they take her in a room and search her? If not she wasn't violated in any way. If not you don't have anything to complain about.

Why would you even think of suing the store? I'm sure you and your wife aren't well known in the community, therefore the fact that your wife was accidentally accused of stealing won't even be known in the town.

To me it sounds like this is something that was dreamed up in order to try and get a settlement or something free from the store. It's time to grow up.

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