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Do not register at Target!!!! You cannot return anything after 90 days of being married!

Even though it takes a while to get through all the gifts- you only get 90 days past your wedding date to return anything! Even if you have a receipt!

I called the corporate office and each and every supervisor told me there was absolutely nothing they can do about it!

I have never heard of a company not backing up their customers and saying there is NOTHING they can do to help a customer!

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE! Have to switch to a Wal-Mart shopper!

Monetary Loss: $59.

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How is a 90 day return policy any different to any other store? Its actually pretty nice that its 90 days from the wedding date and not 90 days from the date of purchase. Target prefers to keep the trash out anyways, you'll fit in much better at Wal-Mart.


I've always found Target to be the better of the evils, and I agree, 90 days seems like enough time to return gifts.

Target donates a % of profits to local area schools, Walmart is known for their lack of giving back to the community.

Argusville, North Dakota, United States #29149

Why would 90 days not be enough? That's three months.

A quarter of a year. Seriously, how much time do you need?

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