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I am an employee for target and I hate working here. They say it is suppose to be fast and friendly and we are like a big target family but we are from it.

The managers there are horrible they want you to work hard for little pay. You are told not to talk and I'm thinking why can't we talk and enjoy our day at work when all they do is walk around and boss people around or sit upstairs all day. It's to many people in charge of everything. When I go to work I am ready to leave right back out the door.

They never asked your opioin about anything. It is not fun to work here. We can't where hats or anything like that for the holidays like a christmas hat or even anything for halloween. Eventhough you are still in uniform.

Target is a horrible place to work especially the target in Irving,TX off of 183 across from the Irving Mall. Alll the mangers in there suck.. They need a whole new staff in there.

Immediately!!!!! Help us corporate please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the time we are in kindergarten we learn that there are rules to be followed on what you can wear and what you cannot wear. One would think an adult old enough to work would understand this simple concept. And Karl Christina quit Target and now works at Hooters.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1081520

Is Christina still working there ? She's a thick Native American with huge *** !


I worked there for a good while. they force team members to go out on the clock to pick them up lunch from the surrounding restaurants.

the LODs simply sit upstairs and rarely come down putting all the managerial duties on the senior employees and the GSAs. One of my co-workers was a gsa and was blamed for everything that would go wrong that day. all the male workers tend to get the brunt of the criticizm in the front end. Team leads and LODs argue and curse at team members infront of guests, then blame the team member writing them up or making up an excuse to get them in trouble it sucks.

i agree corparate needs to get on this store.

they made me non rehireable because i called corporate when i quit. so now i cant go to any other target store.


Sorry this happened to you. Target is a really really bad place!


I agree with this post, in my opinion this is jus a small start compared to the things we go through at the target in columbia heights Washington dc. I am currently a team member there, and we also get unfairly treated.

All they care about are the guests who are always rude and disrespectful. There other main concern are red cards with no reward or commission in place.

FFF should not stand for fast, fun and friendly, but it should stand for fake, fraud, and foolish, because a lot of great people have quit because target fails to acknowledge and reward there hard workers. They will continue to lose good people because recognition is a major lacking in this company!!!


the gsa's and gstl's suck at my store . aall they do is sit in there pid stye office and chat about smoking and getting drunk after work. in the meantime we are getting slammed on the lanes

The stores in Oklahoma are just as bad. ETL and LOD sit in our starbucks while everyone works there butt off.

They always are upset with what you didnt get done and never say GREAT job! With what you have done. There is no RESPECT when thats all they talk about. And they really need to start writting people up and getting rid of the bad seeds!

:-P I dont think target is a bad company its the people who run each store. They need to realize just because you are a LOD or ETL doesnt mean you are SPECIAL :) you should be working JUST AS HARD AS ANY OTHER EMPLOYEE!!!
Thanks, Joan, for helping MadTeamMember with their career direction. :roll
You're a peach for helping people on the Target site! 8)

If it is really that bad, why don't you find another job and quit. You do have to remember that no matter where you work there are bosses, and a chain of oommand.

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