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I'd rather believe this didn't happen, but it really did.

We live in Amherst, Buffalo,NY.

Target in this area is a popular store. It has always been our favorite store until September 5th, 2012. On that day,my wife, who's pregnant with a 7-month baby, went to Target to buy a box of beers. She went to counter No.7 to check out, with two or three people being ahead of her.

When it's my wife' turn, Mrs. Cashier at No.7, a middle-aged woman with a glass of black frame, told my wife she was closed and asked her to go somewhere else to check out. My wife did as what she told. But she noticed that Mrs.

Cashier was not actually closed and continued to help other customers. When my wife came out from target and told me this, I was very shocked. All my wife wanted to check out is just one item in the shopping cart, how hard could that be? My wife felt cheated and discriminated.

Maybe the cashier was in a bad mood, maybe we're not welcomed in this store or maybe it is just because we're colored people. But how can she treat a pregnant woman like this? I asked my wife to go back into the store to show me who the cashier is.

I went close and saw her name tag, it says: "Sharon". I decided to name her here until we're apologized for what she did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Cashier.

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Sheik Employee

Was the Cashier's light turned off? That's usually the clear indicator that someone is supposed to be closing.

Also, sometimes last minute decisions are made to keep a cashier at a till or not.

Often or not, a cashier will be told that they are supposed to go to break, turn their light off, and then be told that they actually need to stay, whether there is a schedule mixup, or it gets backed up enough to where the cashier will voluntarily stay and help other people. It's frustrating and annoying, but it happens.


The cashier could had to leave or go on break before a certain time and that one transaction could cause problems with the time clock.


maybe she didn't want to see your pregnant wife chugging beers? and I apologize for the Anonymous a$$hole from Mississippi.

they're this odd, creepy *** that lives in their parents basement while bashing Target online.

you see, I feel bad for them because Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home but it knocked them on their head and they have this sudden desire to destroy Target but has no idea why they hate Target. weird, I know.

The conciliatory nature of some of the Target apologists is perplexing. :? Just because Joan has never had a bad experience at this retail store, she minimizes everyone\'s bad shopping experiences as exaggerated and overreactive.

:cry I think she can only accurately react to the OP if she has walked in any one of our shoes.I certainly don\'t presume to have had your experience, but she shouldn\'t either. I hope she doesn\'t presume to have had my experience either.

I recommend that no one shop at Target unless they are aware of the treatment they may encounter there, and are willing to face the inevitable treatment Target dishes out! :(

I'm sure the cashier wold not have acted that way towards your wife if you had been with her buying the beer. Anyone seeing a 7 month pregnant woman buying alcohol would act some sort of way, even though you and her know it's not for her, not everyone else does. The cashier definitely was wrong for not ringing her up, but if it was me I would have given your wife a dirty look or something.


@ Joan Well, if every body has a "take-it-easy" attitude, why does this website exist? Why are you here?

Are you here to persuade us not to *** off?

We complain for a reason, not for nothing. Maybe when I am 72, I won't *** off and I hope I can have a nice&warm conversation with you by then.


Well, I am sorry but there are more important things to get hurt about. I just assumed being you said when she came out, that you were waiting in the car.

No a cashier shouldn't judge what a person should or shouldn't do. I used that just as a possiblity. Believe me at age 72, nothing makes me paranoid any more. I was just going by the way your origional comment sounded.

Another possibility is that the cashier had been told to go on break at a certain time, and then informed otherwise as your wife left the checkout counter. I have seen this happen. I don't think it was discrimination. I do try to look at both sides of a story.

I just have more important things to get upset about, than whether or not a cashier treats me in an unsatisfactory manner.

Life is too short to worry about little things. If something like this had happened to me, I probably would have told my husband about this really weird thing that happened in the store, and laughed about it.


I'm not arguing about who is right or who is wrong because it is too obvious, we're just regular customers who wanna pay for what we buy, this racist cashier treated my wife discriminately!!!!! She felt hurt!!!!That's why I'm so pissed off!!!


@Joan, We don't need a cashier to judge about this or judge about that, Right? What does a cashier should do?

If I buy a t-shirt, do you think it's her job to "think" I should wear it or not? I have to say you just didn't get it.

Be smart, OK? This cashier just pissed me off and definitely a racist!!!!

@Joan, thank you for your reply, I never mentioned I stayed in the car, where did you get that? I waited for my wife outside because I left my ID in my car, she carried hers so I asked her to check out.

I put the box of beer into the cart, all she needed to do is to push the cart through the counter. Believe it or not, I never had my wife do anything a pregnant woman shouldn't do, such as carrying a box of beers.

Joan, can you be more paranoid? :? :? :? :?

How are they supposed to know who to apologize to? But then on the other hand why did you stay out in the car and let your pregnant wife go in to buy the beer?

Maybe the cashier just didn't think a pregnant woman should be drinking beer. However, what she did wasn't right, if it happened as you said.

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