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Tonight I went to a Target on Alamada in Aurora Co- I wanted to purchase a Kodak camera and Kodak camcorder that they were offering in a bundle deal. They did not have the camera in stock so the employee called the Target store on Mississippi--I drove across town to this Target as I was told by the employee that they had the camera and camcorder in stock.

When I arrived at the the Target on Mississippi I discovered that the camera was $20.00 more and the exact same camcorder was $50.00 more-I asked to speak to a manager. I asked why the price difference and she said that our store has more in stock so we do not offer the same price--I asked if they would price match the items--she said no. I then asked if they price matched other stores and she said yes. So if Walmart would have had the item for the lower price they would have matched it--but not the same for anther Target.

How can the exact same items both at Target stores be $80.00 difference.

What a joke! I have a target charge card and shop at Target a lot--NOT ANYMORE!!!

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@Angieh - ok, so what it comes down to is that you're just an ***. thanks for clarifying.


If the camera(s) you're talking about are on sale, then they are the same price across all stores. But, if they are labeled as 'regular price' or not on price cut, then yes, prices do vary by store.

It all depends on if the store is high volume or not. The team member should have asked the price of the cameras before sending you over there, but there is no way to price match with another target store if one is high volume &the other low volume.


So where will you shop now? Walmart?

Their prices can vary from store to store. So does Sears, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Radio Shack, and just about any retail chain you can think of.

Maybe it's time for you to boycott shopping altogether.

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