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i was in the Target store at Northlake Mall in Charlotte, NC. I'm 56 years old and look it - gray hair, gray beard, etc.

I tried to buy a bottle of wine and was carded. I thought the girl was kidding. She wasn't. I refused to give her my license or to give her my birthdate.

I talked with a supervisor and was told it was their policy. I told them it was a ridiculous policy and I was not going to go along with it. My three children are old enough to buy alcohol!

I will not shop at Target for a good long while because of this.

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So you were willing to tell the internet your age but you wouldn't give your birthdate to the cashier?


I hate when people freak out about this like they need their alcohol. If you don't it scanned don't buy alcohol from Target or alcohol at all. At least don't be an *** to a minimum wage cashier that has to follow a policy written by executives who make tons more than them.

Orlando, Florida, United States #868817

If being carded is going to make you stop shopping at Target you are going to have a very difficult time buying alcohol. Every store now including liquor stores card everyone regardless of how old they look.


You refuse to follow what is required by law and you call her a girl, just because she is younger than you does not mean she is a child, how would you like it if I called you old hag just because you are 58 years old. You may be 58 but you act like you are nine, they need the drivers license or a form of ID to confirm that you are over the age to drink, the computer would not allow you to purchase otherwise.


Your attitude towards this is ridiculous. If you've ever looked at the screen, you would notice that the cashier is prompted to scan or swipe the guest's ID.

There is no way to override that in the transaction.

Simply handing over your ID would cost you about 2 seconds, but instead you have to make a big deal out of nothing.



What an old bag you must be!

to Old hag #843464

Your wife doesn't think so. Neither does my wife



That is a STATE law and a FEDERAL law.

Jesus Christ, get over yourself.

You are not special and you are not above the law.

These companies have no choice but to adhere to the law.

If another company gets caught selling you wine without checking your ID, they are subject to very large fines and the person who sold it to you will also be fined (and fired).

Good God, what is wrong with people today? You are probably the same sort of person who complains about how entitled the younger generations are and you can't even do something simple as follow a state law because you think you are too good for it!


Either be prepared to show ID or don't buy age restrictive items. Stop being a pain in the *** to everyone you encounter.

That cashier was just doing her job. You won't shop at Target for a long while because of this?

Do you really think anyone gives a ***? Businesses are happy to see pain in the *** customers like you leave.

to Simon Boston, Massachusetts, United States #838304

Do you think anyone gives a f.uck about you either? NOPE, They sure don't, you worthless piece of trash that works for Target!


Their registers require an ID. This way a cashier can't sell to an underage friend and say they checked the ID. Target isn't the only place that does this.


They need your id or the scanner will not let them finish the transaction Then they sell your info to marketing companies.I am 50 and I will not buy there either.

to me Tampa, Florida, United States #836657

Really, they're going to sell your age? What's the big deal with being career at 50?

Take it as a compliment that you look younger than you are. By they way, its also illegal to buy alcohol with an invalidIid, such as an expired or suspended liscence.

to me #837066

No, actually, as someone who works in retail, I can tell you that is a boldfaced paranoid lie.

All any store has to do is look at the date.

Very, very few companies scan ID's and all that scan does is verify the license as being real. The little scanners do not send anything anywhere- they don't even have the programming to do it.


Because a person's age can't always be judged by the way they look, some stores have the policy of carding everybody. I don't know why people get so upset over being asked to see an ID, it is as if they have something to hide.

There are some people that look like you claim that are actually a whole lot younger and then there are people that are really a lot younger than you that look your age.

If a store has the rule that they card everybody, it is for their own protection. You never know if a customer would be part of a sting operation.


You are offended someone carded you but you see no problem in calling someone who is old enough to hold a job a girl, you sound like a hypocrite. You may as well not go shopping anywhere because it is the law to ask for ID. Seriously maybe they thought you were too young to by wine because of how you behaved?

to Anonymous #843466

Please excuse me for calling a young lady who was in her late teens or early twenties a 'girl'. Such a faux pas.

But please explain how I was hypocritical. Take some classes in use of the English language and get back to me.

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