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My wife and I went into the target store in Liberty to buy a few items. It was a very snowy so i went out to bring the car to the front door.

I give my wife my debit card. She tried to pay for the items with the debit card. They refused her because she didn't have an ID. Apparently, a 56 year old lady needs an ID to buy a bottle of wine.

Can someone at Target please you common sense. There is no law in the State of Missouri which requires you to show ID to buy wine.

When someone is obliviously over 21 sell he wine and move on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Debit Card.

Monetary Loss: $6.

  • Old lady refused her wine
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If you're obliviously over 21, or even 56, you don't need any wine.


Maybe they carded your wife because she was acting like a child, they probably from her childish behavior thought she was an eleven year old wearing a wig go get wine?


Also what kind of person doesn't carry their ID with debit/credit purchases. They randomly verify if it's you. Also what's the big deal with getting your ID scanned go somewhere else if you don't agree.

Dover, New Jersey, United States #802439

They need the ID for all alcohol sales, the register is set up so the birthdate has to be scanned or is because so many minors try to buy alcohol and some are hard to guess the ages of, so everyone must comply...Why doesn't a 56 year old carry ID with her? Not the stores fault

to Anonymous Brooklyn, New York, United States #802674

Common sense need not apply. Using your logic the police should stop every car to make sure they are old enough to drive. Almost all stores just enter in the cashier's birthday when a person is obliviously over 21.

to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #804612

"Common sense need not apply."

That's true, but the cashier isn't exactly always at liberty to practice his/her personal common sense. When the rule is "card everyone who purchases alcohol", cameras are everywhere, and their job is on the line if they DON'T check ID, how can you blame the cashier?!

And yeah I get that they maybe enter their DOB from time to time, but I'm sure there's records of DOBs entered and if the cashier always has the same one they get in trouble for that. The old couple who are so offended by being mistaken for youngsters needs to cut the cashier some slack and let them do their job.

If they don't like having to carry ID to purchase liquor, or drive, or whatever then maybe they should stay home. Also, if this is the worst problem in their lives, then they're undeservedly lucky.


I've had employees scan my I.D. on wine/beer purchases.

But then there are other times, the employee will just glance at my license and manually type in my birthdate. But I'd say 50% of the time, I am not asked for I.D. at all and the employee will just manually type in a birthdate they made up. So much for "bypassing the prompt unless the license is scanned".

I am guessing the times my I.D. isn't scanned or even asked for, a manager isn't around watching.


Coming from someone who works at Target, we don't need to know your age, the register does. It's not an act of glancing at the ID and saying, oh yeah, you're old enough.

The ID has to be scanned. The prompt can't be bypassed otherwise.

Generally, for cold medicine, if the guest doesn't have their ID, it can be overwritten by a supervisor. Since there is no wine in the store I work at, I don't know if that's a valid option.

to Ryley #797743

data mining!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would anyone allow this place to keep data on them.

WALK OUT and go to a liquor store the do not DATA MINE!!!!


Tell your wife to stop being an *** and carry I.D.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #791222

@ Simon

Did you move out of your mothers basement yet?

to Phil Columbus, Ohio, United States #791230

Why do you ask that? Do you know him personally and therefore know that he lives in his parents' basement? Or are you assuming that any 34 year old male who looks young enough to get carded must be one of those pasty, greasy haired, adult acne ridden waifs who spend their days playing video games in their parents' basement?

to PimpdaddyBlueschuck #791348

@PIMPDADDYBLUESCHUCK whats up dude you need to grow some

to Anonymous Columbus, Ohio, United States #791570

Grow some what? ***?

No thanks. I'm happy having exclusively woman parts.


Some companies registers require proof that ID is checked before the register will complete the transaction. This may mean that they swipe the magnetic stripe on your ID or enter the ID number.

It's there to assure the laws are being followed. Not their fault you wife doesn't carry her ID.

to Anonymous West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #791383

That is my point the company should empower their employees to make very common sense decisions.

to Anonymous #792039

Unfortunately as soon as you empower the employees to override the system you will have an under age cashier selling alcohol to their under age friends putting the company at risk. Just be an adult and carry your ID.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Toronto, Ontario, Canada #792058

In Canada you are not allowed to sell alcohol unless you are old enough to drink it so if like a Walmart or Target is selling alcohol they have to be bought at only the section that sells it.


All age restrictive items require a valid photo I.D. It doesn't matter if you're 18 or 100.

I'm 34 and I still get carded for alcohol.

It doesn't bother me one bit. Maybe it's because I'm not a bitter old *** yet.

to Simon Columbus, Ohio, United States #791101
Lol! Exactly!! :grin

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