bought it black friday. 4 days latter screen would turn a red pattern on the right side of screen, target refused to return.

after reading about westinghouse customer service I think I'm in for a world of grief so untill I get saticfaction I will be boycotting target stores and westinghouse ....100 words.. not only is it miss represented in its specs. it seems real light and cheap feeling.

and the people at target service center seemed to be thoughtless and uncaring that there selling *** tv's. one employee showed me an e-mail from westinghouse stating not to exchange my tv because of the large of number defects and problems and blew me off with a 800 number that took 30 minutes to finally talk to someone whom said they would call me right back but never did.

Monetary Loss: $368.

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High Point, North Carolina, United States #580488

Target tried to pull this *** on me, but when I began to show the early stages of unleashing my inner postal they folded. Never again will I darken the door of a Target store!


was at Target where a black Friday Westinghouse was returned without a problem the day after sale

also, return policy for that tv is 30 days after christmas...not sure why you are having this problem 4 days later to return...


I got the exact same problem with the Westinghouse 50" LCD HDTV and the customer service guy showed me the same email from Westinghouse. NEVER EVER GO TO TARGET!!!


Sorry, Anonymous. It seems like you're going to learn the hard way (like I did) to never shop at Target stores again.

Once they make a sale to you, you and only you are stuck coping with the problem. Target will do nothing to rectify the problem they sold you.

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