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My little girl saw the new barbie movie Mariposa and the Fairy princess get put on the shelf earlier this week. She has been bugging me all week and I took her to Target today to get the movie.

My daughter was very excited, she went straight to the shelf and grabbed the movie, she carried it all the way through the store up to the check out. This is where the horrible devastation occured. They said it was a mistake and they could not sell the movie until 8-27-13.

If that is so then why did they put the movie on the shelf. Now I have a very sad little girl and it is 100% the fault of Target in Northfield MN.

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Orange, California, United States #1000812

Your child is going to turned out to be a spoiled self centered brat with this attitude. Disappoint happens.


chances are, it was probably a box for a preorder or something. I hope you aren't the one that will be teaching your kid how to read.

Lebanon, Ohio, United States #724811

It was definitely Target's fault, the same thing happened to me at my Target days before the new JK Rowling book was released. The product is supposed to be locked up in the electronics stockroom until the release date.

Um, horrible devastation might be over-doing it though. Accepting graciously that a mistake had been made, and explaining to her you'll have to come back on 27th would probably have set a better example.

to Anonymous Purcell, Oklahoma, United States #724960

yur rite ohio she shuld accepting graciously abut mistake but the brat wont and keeps using the rideculuose excuze that bekas shes 5 she dusent half to!

to Anonymous Lebanon, Ohio, United States #726020

I'm guessing you're the 5 year old that couldn't get the movie. I'm sure you've been scarred for life, so sorry.

to Anonymous #1000813

I agree it is Target's fault for putting the movie out before it was released, but it is mother's fault for raising a brat.

Mark Center, Ohio, United States #724634

Did anyone catch that brat, yet? I hope the mother has been arrested and the child is in reform school for creating chaos in Target!

No more delinquents in this store. This cannot be tolerated.

If this child's parents had properly raised her we wouldn't be having this issue.

Target has security and when you witness such travesties, these incidents need to be reported. If it is allowed to proliferate, it will continue.

Stop these insolent children now or pay the price in the future.

Denair, California, United States #714414


target is bad

Kiln, Mississippi, United States #712370


Be On The Lookout for a five year old female child, about 2 1/2 to 3 feet in height, may be disguised as "adorable", possibly following a "gang" of older adults.

Warning: It has been reported that she attempted to purchase a loaded Barbie "movie" on at least one occasion before Target approved its sale.

Use extreme caution upon approaching this child as a (tug of) war may ensue when trying to apprehend said movie from this perpetrator.

She is considered to be equipped with a crying and/or screaming device that she is proficient in engaging which possibly may render any apprehension officer stressed. She has been proven to use it at will in the past. Approach with extreme caution. Be on high alert. That is all.


IS THAT BRAT STILL IN TIME OUT???????????????????????????????????

If not, call Target security.

Behavior like this cannot be abided at any Target selling facility.

We Target consumers are a discriminating bunch and will not allow a five year old child to make us look bad.

How dare this insolent child walk around with a movie in her hands!!!!!!!!!!!

We STRONGLY will take action to prevent this from ever happening again.

YouSuck, you will be in charge of the administered punishment to this brat and her negligent, mmm so called, "parents?"!

Simon, nikalsen, Sioux Falls: You will be our "in-store" eyes to make sure that if any of you see this criminal five year old, she gets reported IMMEDIATELY to the front office who will take the appropriate action to quash this type of behavior in Target stores across America!!

Thanks, you Team Members are doing one he*l of a job keeping the Target customer base in line. The Target stores are successful ONLY because of wonderful vigilantes like you doing a bang up job in your respective assignments.

Keep up the good work, men and women!!!!!!

Signed: U'v got 2 b kidden, Target Corporate.


Well, that'll teach that five year old brat a lesson about self-denial and quash gratification!!

THEY said it was a mistake and Target said big bumfuken deal.

Customer service at it's finest at Target.

Take a lesson, people!!

to Anonymous #707233

Target made a mistake, they said that. Must be nice to have never made a mistake in your life, d-bag.

to You ***k New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States #707283

Bad five year old little girl!!!!

Bad, bad, bad.

Learn how to control yourself, you miserable little Target shopper.

Go make mistakes on your own time, you pesky brat.

Shame on you expecting Target to sell you something they aren't ready to sell you.

Bad girl, bad girl.

I hope you are deeply ashamed of yourself, because we with opinions are totally grossed out with your selfishness!

to You ***k Kirkland, Washington, United States #707649

Isn't that the sentiment your parents express to parents who actually wanted their children?


"why did they put the movie on the shelf"

"They said it was a mistake"

Sounds like you answered your own question. A mistake was made. It's not the end of the world. *** happens

to Simon Kirkland, Washington, United States #707643

Isn't that what your poor birth mother says when she talks about you?

to Anonymous #709371
LOL! Anonymous comment was hilarious!

:grin F uck you simon you are a a ssohle! :)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada #706674

@ nikalseyn

You sound like a real m oron telling people how to raise their kids, that takes some real f u cking b alls! In fact it makes you sound like a c unt!.... PERIOD!!


Target along with any business can get in serious trouble for selling media prior to their release date and without the owner's permission. They can still display it though.

Not sure about Target. A retail store in which I worked had a Batman display for the movie we were instructed to setup despite it not releasing for a couple more days.

We were told it was most likely to spark hype for the movie as well as get bombarded with questions on customers getting the display. I digress, Target has every right to refuse selling an item despite it being on the sales floor.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #706513

Life is tough, especially for youngsters who are unable to face the fact that they are not "victims" and things happen. People make mistakes.

Someone put the movie on the shelf too early. That happens.

Get over it and try to teach your child that things happen and your need for instant gratification cannot always be met. Lord, what have we become when you would complain online about something as inconsequential as this???

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