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Looks are truly deceiving. This is especially true in the case of the bronze, 3 Piece Palladium Bistro Set I recently purchased from Target (item# 10742127).

While unpacking the item I retrieved a chair back with the gold ornamental crest accent. The paint job on the gold crest was terrible. I saw an elephant on YouTube that could do a better job of painting. In fact there blind workers from the Lighthouse that I am sure could do a better job.

The two-page assembly manual was a nearly complete waste of time. Would it be too much trouble to add dimensions in the description of the parts-- excuse me, there were no descriptions—to help differentiate one item from another. One part labeled “E” is in reality two separate items that have to be put together. It almost didn’t matter to me at this point as I was no longer referencing the assembly instructions.

After finally assembling the table I noticed that it was more of a trapezoid shape than a square rectangle. I made several attempts to realign the frame with little success. This irregularity becomes very evident when you place the square glass top on the table frame. On a positive note, the glass top was securely packaged and arrived without incident.

If the same care that was exercised in protecting the glass top for shipping went into the manufacture of this table set, I would be writing a letter of praise.

P.S. I posted this product review on their website on 12/16/14 and it has yet to appear on the site.

The most recent review on this product was placed over a year ago. Clearly Target is filtering the bad reviews.

Product or Service Mentioned: Target Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $159.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Finish quality.

  • 3 Piece Palladium Bistro Set
  • Poor Furniture Quality
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I have read 26 out of 1356 Target reviews on this site and so far, KevinRichards has written a response for almost every one. I am excited to find out if Mr.

Perfect has written a comment on every one going forward, but, alas, I have to work. I wish I had the unlimited time Kevin has to berate random people online for grammatical errors and supposed (or ASSumed, as he words it) immaturity. It's an important but grossly underpaid job to police online commenters. Obviously someone of his self professed maturity level has to take on the almost insurmountable task of littering sites like this with consistent online trolling, pro bono, as a public service.

So many sites, so little time. Kevin's admirable dedication to the aforementioned relentless online badgering is touching. It is rare indeed to see such devotion to any cause these days.

Kevin, you are undoubtedly an inspiration to basement dwellers and disgruntled single males in the 12-23 age group the world over! I simply cannot figure out how you find the time for such thorough degradation of the masses.

If condescension was an art form, you would be Michelangelo. Pure perfection. Don't change a thing, Kevin. You are master of your craft and these skills will take you far in life.

Maybe even to a career at Target.

From what others are saying about the wonderful customer service Target provides here on this site, you would be the ideal candidate to fit in with the store's corporate culture. Bravo!

Orange, California, United States #933439


My guess is that you are six years old because only a six year old would ASSume that if someone tells a customer that they are wrong that they work for the company. Now I want you to do me a favor okay.

Get mommy or daddy on the PC, have them read the review, then have them help you pronounce all the words that are too hard for you to sound out(the ones more than three letters) Then have mommy or daddy click on my username and have them explain to you that I have posted negative comments on many review not just to Target but Walmart, Kmart, Burger King, Mcdonalds ect. Have mommy or daddy explain to you that just because someone tells a customer that they are wrong does not mean they work for the company. Have them explain to you that if I work for the 20 or so companies where I tell off complainers that I would be too busy to type in a response. When you show this post to mommy or daddy and have them click on my username then reply back.

PS there is nothing wrong with the item.

However I think it is sweet that you are defending your little first grade classmate.


I am sure an elephant can fix the bistro set with the instructions given, so can a bunch of blind people without dimensions, have an adult read the instructions to you since they are too complicated for a child like yourself. Target has every right to filter its bad reviews just like you have the right to pretend you know how to follow simple instructions and blame your not knowing how to read on them.

to KevinRichards #926705

I noticed that you failed to comment on the photos of the poor paint quality. Perhaps you are the manufacturer of the dining set.

to Anonymous #926707

Only a six year old would ASSume that because I am telling this person she is wrong that I am the manufacturer, if not then you are mentally retarded. There is no problem with the painting job.

to KevinRichards Houston, Texas, United States #933368

I guess you most work for them because it sounds like you love that piece of trash called store

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